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Discussion in 'General' started by Normex, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. Ok we all know to reduce the batteries to 50% for storage but
    what about the battery in the RC ? Same deal?
  2. I also have been curious about that ! Im going to assume, until i find out otherwise,that the same holds true for the controller ! Anyone ??
  3. I guess its not the perfect night to ask for this but surely someone astute will eventually respond like Agustine!
  4. I have no idea Norm.
  5. But it would be nice to know do you think ovrszd ?

    Hey Agustine could you shed some light into this please?
  6. Yes it would my friend. Although I'd like to claim my robust desire to fly will take me right on thru the cold weather. But alas, I cannot. :)
  7. Actually I did not know that. I just charge mine after every use and leave it sit til next time I want to fly. It might sit 2 or 3 weeks.
  8. the 50% is for the drone batteries if stored for say the winter time but there is also a lipo battery in the RC and we are wondering if there's any special consideration for long term storage (3 months +)
  9. I admit, I'm like Roosty. I have never discharged a battery. If I don't fly for more than a week, they discharge on their own to 50% area.
  10. Well we've had more insignificant questions answered in a jiffy but I would think since it takes 4 hours to charge the RC there should be a method or is it automatic as alluded ?
    It is my first winter and if I don't get any answer I will discharge it at 50 %.
  11. I don't plan to discharge mine. We can get some great winter scenery here and I want to have mine ready to fly at short notice.
  12. That's my plan too Roosty. I haul mine in my pickup truck all the time. I've got some of my best videos spontaneously. :)
  13. Ok let me ask the question in a different way, if you were to retire it for the whole winter would you do it differently same as the drone batteries?
  14. Because I don't know any better, I'd just store it.

    But we want you to dig it out every month or so and fly some pics/videos for us. :)
  15. I tried this morning and it was in the fifties. The batteries were indoors but for some reason when I went to fly there was a message they were cold. I went 700 ft out and it took ages to come back at 4 mph.
    So I don't think I'll venture too much when it gets colder.
    One thing I find odd is if Agustine is still here.....he would know surely
  16. I bought my XSP in February. I would get the "cold" warning when I first started up but after a minute of so of flying it would stop and allow me to fly. Not sure what you are experiencing. We are getting down around 30*F at night now. I'll try an early morning flight and see what happens.
  17. Don`t go too far just in case. Good Luck
  18. 50s? Man, thats a heat wave compared to when I was learning to fly mine in December and January. My fingers literally got so cold I had to bring it in before I lost use of my hands. Drone flew fine and I don't recall any problems.
  19. I consider you tougher than a boot Roosty. If it was cold for you, I wouldn't have lasted long at all. :)

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