Battery Storage Question - Fireproof bags

Discussion in 'X-Star / X-Star Premium' started by John McKay, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Hi,

    I wanted to ask the more experienced flyers here what their thoughts were on fireproof storage containers for batteries? I am just thinking through whether I would prefer to store batteries in containers that can contain fires or explosions or not since I keep them in the house.

    Any thoughts? Or am I thinking too hard as a newbie? :)

  2. I Keep them in an ammunition box I bought on ebay for $10.00
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  3. Uuuummmmm,,,, I keep them in the storage case with the drone in my truck...... Am I missing something??
  4. Well it might be OK. But I like it safe.

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  6. I use those when I go on flights and put them in my back bag. Never had TSA asked about them. They never even asked to open them. Great Stuff.
  7. I leave my 4 batteries in the carrying case with my drone, that is the way they ship them. As I understand it they are only a fire hazard when charging on when damaged. A charged battery that is undamaged will not catch fire in your case when stored.
  8. When they send the Autel X-Star premium, they send it by UPS ground as maybe they are not allowed with the battery by air ?
    I ordered mine last week to be delivered to Odgensburg New York and it is delivered by ground. Maybe cheaper than Air or not allowed because of the batteries ?
  9. I had mine shipped UPS Air. Had a warning label on the box.

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