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  1. How do I know a battery is no longer useable? I have one that is a little puffy but still reads okay .
  2. Roosty had one continually get weak. Short flight times.

    I have 3. 2 of them fully charged are only good for 18 minutes. Both are swelled. One so bad I can barely get it in/out of the Drone. I plan to send Autel an email with pics of the batteries and of the battery info screen showing their weakness.

    Roosty got a new battery under warranty. I expect the same service on both of mine.
  3. You can get a few details on your battery strength by going to this screen in the star link app. This is a screen shot of what mine was reading when it was failing. Short flight time. Autel battery.jpg
  4. Very similar to both of mine.
  5. I have one like that also. Mine goes about 12 minutes and gets down to 20%, and then in about 30 seconds from that, goes to 7 or 8% critical and lands. I only fly it close to me. I'm also wondering when the swelling is too much, I guess when it doesn't fit in the drone anymore.
    Now this battery was a dead one that the charger wouldn't recognise and I was able to bring it back to life. I'm now looking for some dead batteries to experiment with. I want to disect an original battery to see what its made up of so I can try to find, or assemble, a replacement. I'm hoping it's made up of available cells that can be replaced.

  6. I have 4 battery's all have the same problem the cell on the right goes down to 3.83. any body got any suggestions

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  7. Possibly your charger is not balancing your cells evenly, do you have another charger you can try?
  8. Autel sent me a refurbished charger to try and I had the same results. Autel is going to replace all 4 of the batteries because they all had the same problem. I have sent for a new charger just to see if the refurbished one was bad or the batteries were to far gone. I am amazed they are going to do this. I am not sure my problem is solved but I will have some new batteries. to fly with.
  9. That is very strange. Autel is awesome for taking care of you, this is why i have 2 Autel premiums, their customer service is 2nd to none, good luck & fly high!!!

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