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  1. How many of you received your tracking # from Autel for your free battery?
  2. I got an e-mail yesterday night and I saw the tracking info.... and to my surprise, it was going to be delivered today!! And without fail, UPS indeed delivered it today!!!
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  3. I just submitted mine's today, and has already been approved :)
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  4. Very cool! Great customer service so far!!
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  5. I got my tracking # yesterday, though the expected arrival is the 15th. I'm spoiled by 2-day delivery.
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  6. Got my tracking number yesterday supposed to be delivered tomorrow, way to go Autel.
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  7. I got the email with tracking # on Monday. UPS shows ETA for delivery this coming monday. Ugh. I hate waiting :)
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  8. Received my free battery today via UPS. What a great company!
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  9. My battery is due to be delivered on the 15th. Pretty amazing considering I purchased my XSP a full month before the promotion began.
  10. got my xsp on april 22 got free battery this week

  11. Awesome!! Gotta love free!!

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