Becoming a Pilot

Discussion in 'News' started by X-Starman, Aug 9, 2016.

  1. Thanks for the update
  2. You are welcome
  3. It is a rebate and the details are not public yet.
  4. I bought my X-Star in August, took my P107 test in November and passed with a 90%(thank God) and sent that in to Autel and got a prepaid American Express card for $150. Didn't take long either.
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  5. How much was it to take the test Ben? Was the test hard? Was it long? I am about to purchase a xsp and seen that as well for the $150 gift card. I was going to take advantage of it if it was not too expensive. Never hurts to be over qualified.....

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  6. The test is $150. So Autel pays that back in full if you pass.

    It was hard(ish) I suggest a course like, great guy very knowledgeable and provides mock testing.
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  7. Thanks Ben!

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