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  1. I want to love Autel but, I'm afraid I'm being called and tempted more by a major competitor herein called "the darkside". I still have not purchased my own X-Star Premium (XSP) as yet as I have been following the posts here, elsewhere, and waiting for the new firmware to become official (September I think). I have had access to XSP's through two coworkers who have them. They too are seeing some of the issues being reported in the forums. Why do there seem to be so many issues? A good deal of them seem to come after "upgrading" to the latest firmware (although still beta version). There seems to so many problems with video dropouts, constant warnings of video signal weakness, erratic behavior in flight, signal losses even at short distances, magnetic interference, battery issues, and more. The "darkside" doesn't seem to have these or near as many problems. Are the XSP's really this problematic or can most of the issues be attributed to user errors? Sorry for babbling a bit here folks but, I really don't want to spend on something that could be problematic from the git-go. Calm my fears folks! I really don't want to move to the "darkside".
  2. If you follow the darkside forums you will see they have just as many problems if not more.

    There is not one UAV platform that will give you everything you want.
  3. I haven't done a study but most of the problems I see discussed here are operator error. Every equipment issue is addressed. Autel has replaced stuff that they didn't have to in many cases. It seems simple now but was overwhelming at first.
  4. I've had zero issues and I see a lot of issues in the darkside forum.
  5. Augustine,
    I know what you are talking about, but I went with the XSP and even though I have had a recent issue (resolved) I would recommend reconsidering. I have a good friend I travel with to shoot drone video (DJI) and he always says that he wishes he had bought my drone (Autel XSP) for the performance. That 'performance' comes with experience.. I think that apples to apples you get more value with the Autel and I have received superior customer service with them. It hasn't all been smooth, but these are sophisticated machines either way and there is a learning curve. I like the buttons on the controller for instance...there are a lot of short-cuts that you will find useful during flight that the DJI (unless they have changed) that you will see on the Autel controller.. My friend has to go into his phone and find these controls. I may have been the first to use the term "darkside" in my remarks and it referred to the collision avoidance control on the DJI. I don't consider this a deal killer. If you are first time flyer, you will get out too far and wonder what direction the drone is headed in. This will be a problem with either drone and something you will have to deal with. Range is not the King, control is. At 300 feet altitude you will probably not even "see" the drone. We have flown these in "blind" conditions where we can't see the actual drone, only the the video feed on the phone. The range is really not that important IMO. Once you get out about 1/2 mile away you are in no-man's land and will have a hard time even knowing what direction you are pointed in. Even when it comes back manually, it may be an optical illusion as it crosses above trees. Good luck!
  6. You guys are right and I think I'll be sticking with Autel. The value for the dollar is there for sure, and I do see their customer service as waaaayyy better than those other guys. I'm not a first timer by any means and am not concerned about flying without the video as I do that all the time with my X380. As long as I can see the drone I can tell directions without a camera view. I had become concerned about the problems I've seen here and on other sources. I do see how many of the problems can be user inexperience or other user related issues. That X380 is about as basic as it gets except it does have GPS. Between it and my Q500+ I have never had any of the issues being reported except wi-fi interference with the Q500+. I expect that interference in a couple areas I fly where there are neighborhoods on one side or another of the fields. I looked to the XSP as being able to cut through at least some of that to get me more distance over those fields than I can with the other two drones. I'm looking for at least 0.75-mile. I'm sure Lightbridge can do it because I have see it in action. We have not tried the XSP's in the same area. For some reason, both the XSP's I've had access to can only make about 2500 feet or less before losing signals. Don't really know why. I think I will go with Autel though... for features and value. If I don't like it, I can always sell and go with something else I suppose.
  7. Gotta remember the build quality too. I've seen a guy smash his XSP to the base of a tree and knock the camera off and the battery flew out too. He put it all back together and the drone was uninjured amazingly. The other brand Would have been completely destroyed i'm sure of it.
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    Yep. The ones I have seen in person are built pretty sturdy. A BIG positive with the XSP is the ability to change the camera without having to send it back to the factory or dismantling it. I've no complaints there. I also like the fact of the telemetry being displayed on the controller as well. That alone makes navigation possible if there is no camera view.

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