BETA Android Application Code and LG Devices

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  1. I am happy to report that since loading the new BETA Android Starlink app, my LG V10 has full control over all camera settings, etc. They didn't actually announce that they fixed that but they did :).

    I am so glad because my LG V10 has the best screen of anything I own for being out in the sun. It can get really bright and seems to have very little trouble with glare.

    Those of you with LG devices, check it out. The V10 is the only LG device I have so I can't vouch for other LG devices. But I just flew with my V10 and while a phone is obviously smaller than a tablet, the screen is a total joy to use in the sun.
  2. Glad to hear!!

    Where were you able to download it?
  3. From the FaceBook post by the Autel person:

    Hello, X-Star Owners, we are working to release a new version of the Android app soon. There will be some exciting features such as the ability to create waypoint on the ground. (Sorry, Yaw issue will need to be addressed via firmware, and we are working on it ! ). If you would like to try (or beta test  ) the app prior to the official release, you can do so by following below steps.

    Disclaimer - Please note that this is a beta version of Android Starlink App which is still undergoing final testing before its official release. Any downloading or using of app is done at the user’s own will and risk and the user will be solely responsible for any issues that results from such activities.

    Should you encounter any bugs, glitches, lack of functionality or other problems with the app, please let us know immediately by sending an email to: and provide a detailed description of the issues and the model of the mobile device you are using. Your help in this regard is greatly appreciated.

    To use the beta app,
    First, use your mobile device to visit this link:

    Second, Login with your google playstore registered account, if you are not already logged in.

    Third, Click the "Become a Tester".

    Fourth, click the link - download the autel robotics starlinks app on google play. ( the link is normally sitting toward the bottom of the page )

    Fifth - Click "Install" and you will get the download installed.

    At any time, if you do not want to use the beta app, or want to revert back to the google play store app, you can search “autel starlink” in google playstore, and at the bottom of the “starlink” app page, click “LEAVE” to leave the beta test group. Then uninstall the beta app, and you will be able to re-install the playstore released app.
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  4. Cool. Be glad to hear how setting waypoints while on the ground works out.
  5. I didn't fly it because it was dark at that point, but I was able to set the way points while on the ground. Yes the aircraft was on and connected in order for it to work, but you didn't have to be in the air which was nice for a change. I know another user posted he was losing video link at short distances with this beta. I have yet to see if I do as well since the wx has been crap.
  6. If I did everything right, after selecting to be a tester, the app will update on its own?
  7. It didn't for me. I visited the link they listed and after signing up to be a tester I clicked install on the app and it then installed the update.
  8. Well it finally updated for me. I clicked on waypoint while sitting on the ground and am now restricted to a very small area. Bummer. Going to go play.
  9. [​IMG]

    There is my limited flight area when using waypoints.
  10. Hmm, I can't remember if that circle was changed to bigger before this. Maybe email them and ask ? I forgot about the blue circle limit.

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