Beta Firmware

Discussion in 'EVO' started by mixchief, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. What happened, did they close the Beta program? I no longer get it in the downloads section.
  2. I don't see any posts here about the new Beta firmware release, seems Autel on Friday re opened the Beta program and released a new version of the Beta firmware 3.3.15 I have downloaded it and will likely install and test today, though it's maybe too windy and menacing clouds in the sky. Anyone here that has completed the process with suggestions and/or results?
  3. D/L ed and installed Preliminary impressions are very positive, The bird lands without dancing, perfectly steady from whatever altitude, hover is rock solid in high breeze, 15 mph or so. Outside of my parking lot breeze is around 15 mph so I decided to wait for calmer air at 200 feet and above we're looking at 25+ mph and tomorrow should be around 40 maybe more as a Tropical storm should be passing by churning the air a little more though not affecting us directly , so I'll wait a few days before really putting the bird through its paces but so far it is a definite improvement.

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