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  1. Has anyone tried a better antenna system, so you will get less video interference and longer flight distance between transmitter and drone? If so please post the antenna your using and give us any details about its improvement over the stock antennas.
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  3. I tried the cd (cd's, dvd's and BluRay's) trick on the antennas (saw it on Youtube), but I didn't get any better reception (in video or distance). Really would like to see some reviews on the ITELITE DBS upgraded antenna to 900 mhz, anyone have any info or reviews on it?
  4. Why wouldn't the parabolic antennas for the DJI work on XSP? Has anyone tried?

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  5. I just ordered a set of reflectors from amazon made for these drones. they should arrive today, I will comment on their benefit.
  6. it did seem to increase my range noticeably. The downside is that you need to be a lot more attentive to pointing the front of the RC at the drone. I had my back turned 200 feet away and it lost signal.
  7. The one problem I noticed with the parabolic antenna reflectors is that when your Flying high directly over yourself (you suppose to level your antenna for better reception, yet the reflectors would be pointed to the ground covering your anteena) and when flying it seemed like you really need to keep the remote orientated toward the drone as much as possible or I would get a lose of video and lose of connection to the drone quite easily. I did notice that there is also a difference between the orientation of the DJI remotes Anteena (flats side facing outward vs. the Autel skinny edge facing outward). Not sure what the difference is in the anteenas, but if you look at the setup of the anteena between the two you'll see that they are definitely setup up different (orientation is different).
  8. Ok while on this subject-antenna- with the parabolic one's- what happens to the drone when you loose connection?
    Will it just sit where it is and hover, until connection is regained? Or RTH? Or what . I am asking just incase I have
    that happen to me- as I have only been flying in beginner mode for about a week now.

    Thanks in advance-
  9. If I'm not mistaken...

    If it loses video signal, you can still fly.

    If it loses connection with the controller, it will return home.
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    Yes if you lose connection vith your drone it will pause for approximately 10 seconds and try reestablishing a connection between the Transmitter and the Drone (if it doesn't it goes into RTH mode), as it is returning to home you will visually see that the Transmitter and the Drone have established connection and you can either allow it to return home and land or you can click the Cancel RTH mode and continue to fly. I have on numerous occasions in different types of terrain and weather allowed the Drone to lose connection and go into RTH mode, I have been surprised to see the difference in distance just because of terrain or weather.

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