Bifocal polarized sunglasses?

Discussion in 'General' started by Bill in Utah, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. Has anyone tried a pair? Seems like they may solve 2 issues: 1) screen glare and 2)being able to read the information on the screen for us with less than 20/20 vision.
  2. I use a 10" screen to help my less than perfect vision. Never thought of trying sunglasses to help with glare.
  3. Yes, I use polarized sunglasses for fly fishing as they cut the glare reflecting off the water. My guess is they would help greatly to cut the glare on the tablet screen. And with the bi-focal option, make using a smaller lighter screen possible. Of course this is only my guess, hence the question to others.
  4. Too windy to fly here today but my conclusion from a quick test of my polarized bifocals and the Starlink app on my 10.5" Tab A is that the reduction in glare was offset by the tint in the lense such that I was just as well off with my regular glasses. A set of yellow tinted driving glasses with no correction were not any better.
  5. I find a big visual interference is when I am out in the sun in a light colored or patterned shirt. Reflections of my shirt on the screen are hard to ignore. Bought a black shirt to try, with no logo on it.
  6. Flew this afternoon using my clear bifocals. Was able to clearly see the 8" Samsung tablet, all information and most importantly, the FPV. As the polarized versions are only in the $30 range I will try a pair to see how or if glare is reduced. Can't try that now anyway due to the fires and smoke (were near the Brianhead, Utah fires).

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