Big scare today!

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  1. Flying my XSP today (3rd battery of the day) when all of a sudden the RC starts beeping and saying I lost connection. After what seemed like several minutes ( probably just seconds) it tells me it is returning home. I hear it coming and what a relief to look up and see it. I'm still hoping it doesn't just take off like in stories I have read about fly aways. As it gets about 6 ft off of the ground, I grab it out of the air. Instantly the voice on the RC says, " Compass Error". So what is up with that? This is basically the only place I have flown. Must have 30 flights here. I always get the video interference warning even when the drone is 10 ft from me. So what do I do now? I'm afraid to fly it now. Any feedback welcome!

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    There was some heavy magnetic interference from the sun today which could have been the cause of this.

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  3. Yep, cause I had same thing happen, and or it was this huge tower with all kinds of antennas on it never had prob. Before
  4. try it again at the same area. I would bet it is fine. 2 days ago I could not get out 1000 feet without VI at my house.
    Next day went to the beach, 1.9 mi. 3 batteries no problems. It's just the way it is. came home and flew at the house, no problems.
  5. The compass module is located in one of the legs. If that is where you grabbed it, then I can see you getting that warning.
  6. That is where I grabbed it. The whole lost connection thing has me concerned. Needless to say, I quit flying for the day.

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