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    Hello everyone,

    I have mede the decision too sell my XSP kit. Time to fly it has been far too hard to come by and it is just sitting, waiting for someone to turn it loose. I have less than 5 hours of flight on this XSP and it flies great! Very well taken care of by a licensed adult pilot. Love flying, just don't have the time to dedicate. Located in northern Minnesota.

    Here is the package:

    (1) XStar Premium Drone
    (4) Autel orange batteries
    (4) Carbon Props
    (4) Autel props
    (2) Autel chargers
    (1) Autel remote
    (1) Set of Polar ND/Polarizing filters (ND4, ND8 ND16)
    (1) SD/MicroSD hard case
    (1) Sunshade for 10" tablet
    (1) Autel Hardshell case for drone kit
    (1) Manfrotto Backpack with Rain cover for pack

    I have $1600 into the whole package. Drone is 100% fit to fly. Total flight time less than 5 hours. Asking $800.

  2. I will have pics up this weekend
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    If interested, I also have an iPad Pro 128gb tablet as well. Tablet primarily used for droning and reading. $1075 for drone/tablet package

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    Still for sale. $695 and its yours
  6. I have again decided to sell my outfit. All above without iPad for $650. Very minimal flight time and like new condition

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