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  1. According to Bo's preliminary tests he ranks the EVO camera equal to or better than the P4Pro.

    Also check his unboxing.... he seems to go beyond the typical unboxing video.
  2. Crazy good....
  3. It is a good report about the camera but for the average guy you can give him the best camera in the world but unless he knows how to use it you might as well have given him a point and shot camera LOL

    So far any the videos out on the web have not impressed me to much other then the Autel promo video.
  4. Wow.... really?
  5. Yup really :)
    Hoping to see some more videos from the early users but they are slow in coming. I'm sure in the right hands they can produce some great looking videos. Waiting for Bo to come out with his outside video as he is very good at what he does.
  6. I think it's way to early to speculate on this. The only videos I've seen are people flying it as is from the Autel Rep and not adjusting anything and in some cases not even having the beta app running. No attempt to do any serious filming, just flight response and noise levels ect... I remain optimistic and as you put it... fall into the hobby category and probably wouldn't really appreciate some of the finer aspects of the lens/camera technology. In pc only runs 720p...chokes on 1080p and 4k is not ever gonna happen. Luckily I do have a new 65" LG 4k TV that I can slip a flash drive into. Maybe a new PC later I suppose. Baby steps... OR I could just get a Parrot Beebop. Nah.... just kidding. Seriously....kidding. Although I do like that new Anafi by Parrot. Was actually going to get the Anafi if the release of the EVO dragged on into the fall. Anyway, excited to get the EVO and give it a whirl.
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    I'm in your category. I'm not looking to or will even try to make any award-winning films although I don't fault those who do lean to the more professional aspect. I'm a hobbyist just wanting to fly about the countryside looking at nature or checking out the changes in local streams and rivers, perhaps even capturing some trains from on high. I don't really care that much about all the fancy camera settings for the most part however, it's good to have them if I want to experiment. I'm sure the EVO will end up in my "collection" at some point but, I'm willing to wait a while to see some practical reviews. Like my telescopes and guitars, flying drones has become another addiction with me. It's fun! Enjoy them no matter how you use them.
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  8. Now how about a drone mounted telescope that has guitar strings and plays heavenly chords as it ascends and records in at least 5K? I would like to see that.... probably already on Amazon if one just looked hard enough.
  9. That's a pretty tall order! Someday perhaps.

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