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  1. thought I would post this here as well.

    i was really interested in seeing how the X Star would perform with a really good set of props. So, for 40.00 I ordered the Aeronaut CamCarbon 9.5" props from CarolinaDronz.

    I have only flown several minutes with them on....

    1st impression...WOW, I MEAN WOW!!!!!!!

    This is a different bird, no doubt!

    #1. Noise. It is SO much quieter. More than 10db quieter (I used a db meter)
    #2. Hover. MUCH more stable and doesn't move barely at all where the XTR blades let it kind of creep around a little. You might say that yours doesn't move much at all until you see it with these on. ROCK solid.
    #3. It seems to scoot a little faster, but not jerky, a smoother transition when you move the sticks. Just better handling.
    #4. Descent, you get barely ANY prop wash at full speed descent. Much smoother coming down.
    #5. Ascent, again, seems to be faster and smoother
    #6. Yaw. Definitely smoother and not as jerky...still needs the update to correct this.

    So far I am totally impressed by these blades. I will do a real life battery test to see if there is any benefit. Will also check motor temps as well. I might be able to get to it this weekend. Weather looks to be good.

    These blades are stiff and sharp! I can assure you I will NOT be flying with these props around people at all!
    my uses because of the amazing stability they have...
    Time lapse sunsets/sunrise
    Tooling around mountains, nature and far from people.
    Flying in BIG wide open areas alone and for fun.

    NO! I MEAN NO hand catching this thing with these on!

    I do recommend them for the RIGHT purposes!

    Aeronaut CAMcarbon Light Prop for DJI Phantom 2/3, Autel X-Star 9.5 set of 4
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  2. Thanks, I will be trying them out soon.
  3. Just ordered these. Hopefully they are quieter than stock....will report back.
  4. Mine are in the way- will report my experience.
  5. Got mine in today. Here is a quick video comparing the two. It's more noticeable when flying about.

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  6. I got mine but haven't tried them yet. They are also 1 oz less. Thanks for adding the video Blake.

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