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  1. Has anyone else had issues with the camera hanging up after taking 3 or 5 multi exposures?
    i get the spinning wheel that doesn't go away.
    tried different cards and reset camera.

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  2. Sorry I can't offer anything Owen. You are way ahead of my paygrade. I've never tried multi exposure pics. :)
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  3. I have the same problem all the time, it's most annoying when you have to land shut down every thing and start over again, I have stopped switching between video and stills as I find that helps.

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  4. I've been taking mostly 3-image shots, no 5-shot HDRs yet...

    I've noticed some variation in the lag time between clicking the button, the processing time and return to shooting-mode time. Sometimes it's very quick, sometimes not...but I've never experienced a total hang-up failure requiring any sort of restart.

    Sorry I can't offer more...

  5. How do you shoot hdr on the XSP???

  6. Are you using a class 10 sd card?

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  7. Yes I am
  8. Ok, been going thru that alot. So, thru CS we have discovered that my tablet is probably not keeping up with the complex intructions the app is sending to the bird.
    Jason at Autel told me that the tablet or phone has ALOT to do with communications.
    They sent me extra sd cards to try. Still the spinner of madness.
    So, I tried my cheap android phone(which sucks) and it seemed to keep up with the pic AEB burst. 3-5. Burst shooting too.
    But it eventually hung up.
    My tablet is a Fire HD 8 with the google api hack for google play store.
    I have one of the fastest cards you can get for HD 4k video. SanDisk Extreme PLUS 32GB microSDXC UHS-I/U3 Card with Adapter (SDSQXSG-032G-GN6MA) [Newest Version] amazon.
    It even hung up on that.
    I have a samsung galaxy tab a 8in coming fri.

    Since alot of the reason of getting into this was for the pic/vid aspect. I have a pretty big backgraound in the pic part.
    Gallery in Key West. Old school 4x5 film to to digital outputs and hi-res panos of the Fl Keys on canvas.

    So this is pretty aggravating to me.

    SteveP, you can not shoot HDR in the XSP.
    Have to take AEB 3 or 5 shots and use photomatix 5 pro. one of the best. Or use Lightroom for a quick one.

    Sidenote: I hate over-processed HDR images. photomatix will give you the control to mesh the shots together for perfect dynamic range images.

    I will give a update on my tests.
    If no good Jason tells me I have to send the bird in.
  9. Like this:

  10. I had never tried it until today, but I didn't have any issues using my Tab A.

    I took 4 sets of 5 and 2 sets of 3 and I'd say the longest wait was 4 seconds or so.

    ND16 filter and Vivid setting gave some nice pictures, but after editing them together with a free program I downloaded called Fusion, the final picture looked great!
  11. Update. The Galaxy tab a 8in is working good. Have not had hangups with multi-aeb mode or burst mode.
    Seems that the more power your tablet has the better.
    Now to keep a lookout for a better screen.
    Its super bright down here in the Fl Keys.
    The tab a is ok, but it seems that my kindle fire 8 had better resolution with the app fired up.
    Oh well, the hunt continues.

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