Camera dead, back to Autel

Discussion in 'X-Star / X-Star Premium' started by StevP, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone,

    Well, my drone is on its way back to Autel. I went on vacation last week in northern Minnesota and took the drone, hoping to get some footage of the MN wilderness. I tried flying the first night and was shocked when the camera gimbal was dead. camera would shoot pics and vids, but just pointed downward and no moving it. I was pretty upset! But, I called Autel that night and left a message for them to call me. As usual, they did. Spoke with Andrew and he troubleshot with me over the phone. We could not get it working so he sent shipping label and instructions. I sent the drone in on monday.

    I have no idea why the gimbal stopped working. I have not crashed or hit anything with the drone. In fact, I had it out a week earlier and it flew and shot wonderfully. Im just hoping that they can fix it and possibly cover the repair. Crossing my fingers

  2. I had a similar issue with my camera earlier this spring. One day the gimbal just became slow to the point of being unresponsive at times. It went into shudder and shake but after working it for a while it seemed to get over it and has worked normally ever since.
  3. The gimbal and camera seem to be where problems occur. I have a Mavic Pro and couldn't believe the problems I had. When it broke from it's mount, I saw the micro spot welds holding the assembly to the drone and decided not to give DJI anymore of my money.

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