Camera Disconnected, RC Disconnect

Discussion in 'X-Star / X-Star Premium' started by Philip Andrews, Nov 28, 2017.

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    The original poster of the thread said "Running on iPad Pro or iPhone 7+ with latest iOS version."
    The other person that wanted to know what was going on with the Tab is probably my original diagnosis as a bad cable or port.
  2. Yep... There are two posters with different issues here. I jumped in after the second one. Now that I think of it, I believe it was your post that convinced me to purchase new cables.
  3. I hate to throw a wrench into the solutions, but I have 2 XSP's, both setup identically AND both IOS and Android devices. I have tested them both running through a matrix of changes from RC's, cables, devices. I have eliminated the RC's, cables, firmware, environment and even device (iPhone/Tablet). The results - 1 drone works fine, the other suffers from app disconnects at different phases of startup/flight/landing. I sent my data to Autel this past weekend and they are stumped thus far but have requested further testing (which I will do when the WX clears).

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  4. Lab rat say's it right! not an OS problem. it's a Samsung Tab! Sometimes it will connect in the house then I will move outside! I just have to play with it. The controller will beep when I plug and unplug the usb. So it see's it but won't work
  5. Busdriver i am having similar issues which of your systems is not responding? for me it is the android system on my xstar premium i am having device disconnected during startup and at different phases are you able to fly further than 200 meter at all mine is not in beginner mode and wont seem to go further without complete remote controller loss and go home activating from 10 meters out,, sending it to Autel see if they can do something about it

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