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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Moe, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Would love to see a firmware update that would allow the camera to zoom. While I realize "zooming in" can be added to post production, live zoom would still provide a better view of objects being filmed.

  2. The standard 4k camera on the drone doesn't have a zoom option. You would need to get a upgrade replacement camera to do zoom ability. Just like if you wanted thermal or inferred options you would need to replace the camera. It's a deferent lens and shudder assembly to have other filming options while in flight.
  3. Search youtube, it is there.
  4. ?? Is there a replacement camera with zoom capabilities for the xstar?
  5. I use forward and reverse or up and down for zoom effect but a zoom would be nice as long as it is lens zoom and not digital zoom.
  6. Actually, Autel support said they were considering a firmware update that would add Zoom for the camera already on the Xstar, that's why I started this thread, to get support for the zoom option
    No, Autel does not have a camera that zooms at this time, their new camera is infra-red/thermal imaging
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  7. I was referring to the digital zoom.
  8. A solution for faking zoom in Adobe premiere / After effects: Place 4K sized footage on 1080 sized timeline, start at 100% and scale down to 50% using key-frames along the timeline. Bang you've just achieved a fake digital zoom.
  9. The new firmware that is in limited beta test does have a digital zoom feature. It does not work in 4K mode but it does in lower resolution. Hopefully it will be in public beta testing soon.

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