Can you change lens filters on EVO 2 Pro?

Discussion in 'EVO 2' started by Dryslot, Jun 22, 2020.

  1. I realize ND filters are less critical on the EVO 2 Pro thanks to its variable aperture, but I still assumed this camera was designed for changeable filters. Certainly the factory glass over this camera appears designed to be unscrewed with the standard-looking ring and jagged, serrated grip around the rim.

    Well, I couldn't unscrew it and was afraid to twist any harder for fear of damaging the camera. Can anyone test this and let me know if I need to go back and twist harder or give up.

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  2. Mine was unscrewed successfully
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  3. Thanks very much, looks like I need to put some muscle into it!
  4. NDs still critical to keep aperture in the sharpest range at around f/4 and to keep shutter speed close to 2x fps.
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  5. Great point Greg, thanks for the reminder. Did you have any problem getting your factory filter off?
  6. Still waiting on mine. Hopefully NDs will be out in the next month.
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  7. What filters did any of you guys end up purchasing? Looking for a recommendation for the Evo 2 6K.
  8. Interesting, I'm having the same problem and didn't want to apply too much force. I will have to try again.
  9. I thought I bought the wrong filters as I could not unscrew the factory filter. Will try harder. (more muscle and it worked) I have never used a filter with my DJI Phantom 3 Pro and had over exposure problems. Purchased a set of 5 Skyreat ND Filters ND4,8,16,32,64. Which a good one to start with? I assume on a sunny, day with snow cover I will have to use the higher #. I can still return them if there his something better.
  10. I ended up using a strap wrench to apply enough force to remove the stock filter. once broken loose it's fine.

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