Can you scale the screen using StarLink

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  1. Having researched the tablets that are compatible I've narrowed it down to one of the Samsungs. The only variable now is the screen size and my concern is being able to quickly and reliably read the info on the screen with my "old eyes". Can the size of the font be increased or is it static using the Starlink software? If I can bump the text size a bit I prefer an 8" screen, if not may have to go the 10" route but really don't want to lug it around due to size and added weight.
  2. As far as I know, no, you can't change the font size in the app.

    With that said, I have a Samsung S 10.2, and after using it with my XSP, decided to purchase an S2 8", and dedicate it to the XSP.

    My near field vision is probably worse than yours. At 47 years old, I'm too stubborn to wear glasses, or contacts.

    I have no trouble quickly scanning the 8" screen to get the data I want, even when I've spent time with "eyes up".

    Longer range flights, with my focus more directed on what the camera is seeing, I'll rely almost completely on feedback from the Starlink app/display. Never had an issue.
  3. Thanks! I was leaning towards the S2 also but was worried about being able to quickly read the important info. So you found the 10.2 too big, too heavy or both?
  4. #1:The 10.2 is too much for me to hang off my neck, for extended periods. My 10.2 is cellular enabled, and I still went with a new purchase, dedicated Wifi S2 8". Last thing I need is an update slowing, or crashing the tab during a flight.

    In general Android settings, changing font size has no effect on Starlink font size, which is typical of systemic/app behaviour.

    Cool thing about the factory Autel case, once the paper manuals have been removed, either the 10.2, or 8" fit in that slot for grab and go portability.

    I'm firing up my S 10.2, and S2 8 right now to snap a comparison picture.

    They both want to go to 7.0 Nougat, but I'll save that til later. :)
  5. Here ya go, Bill.

    Galaxy S 10.2 vs S2 8.




    In the process of Android update on both, the 8" finished first, after being started second. The 10.2 has more apps installed, and it didn't go to 7.0. It's still on 5.0.2/lollipop. I'm sure the newest 10.2 will be more current, except for the cellular provider holdbacks.


  6. It does look like the 8" screen will get the job done and be easier on the operator at the same time. Thanks for the side-by-side it helps to compare them that way.
  7. FWIW, I've been flying in Paiute County every weekend.

  8. I'm right next door in Sevier county.
  9. I read that. My daughter is in Circleville, and her boyfriend in Monroe.
  10. I still have to work in Vegas. Don't hold that against me, please. :)
  11. We're in Central Valley right next to Monroe. Maybe we can get together and do some flying, I could use pointers.
  12. O.K. first flight done, what an experience! Day and night difference between the XSP and the $90 drone I learned on. I now know the font size is not adjustable. Using the 8" Samsung tablet I can just barely make out what I'm seeing and I don't know that going to 10" will do that much better plus I don't want the bulk and weight. Do any of us older guys wear glasses when flying?
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    Congrats on your first flight, Bill!!

    A lot of data is displayed. LOL

    I wholeheartedly believe you'll relax as you gain experience, and will intuitavely focus on the relevant information during the appropriate circumstances.

    Practice makes perfect.

    I'm going for a more photogenic flight tomorrow. I will follow the Sevier and approach Big Rock.

    It'll be warm, and vitually no wind!!

    My first flight out of my comfort zone. Third week on the sticks.

    That was a whopping 4 weeks ago. Can't count last weekend. Too windy. LOL I don't fly during the week because I'm in Vegas, too busy with, and it's too hazardous.

    If I pull off tomorrows intended flight, I'll be happy. If not, it's still fun as can be. :)
  14. My only point is, the XSP is an amazing piece of equipment. The learning curve is steep, and the rewards are great.

    The sky is not the limit. :)
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  15. I have the ten inch Samsung tablet and agree it is big and heavy. I might have been better off with a smaller unit, maybe even a smart phone. I have no problem reading the numbers but find the image on the screen is hard to see out in sunlight. I usually try to stand in the shade of a tree or building which helps some. Evening is better too as the sun's angle is lower.

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