Can't find charger anywhere!! Can I make my own?

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  1. I have recently purchased an X-Star premium drone only I can't seem to find a charger anywhere online. I am in need of one as I have no juice left in my batteries. My question is if there is another drone's charger I can use or can I possibly make my own? Someone please help me!! I would like to purchase one if anyone knows where I can please lead me to it. Thank you.
  2. I told you that I have two I can let go of. but you pay shipping! and any extra would be nice. ships from Thailand
  3. How much for a charger Kun Bow? Thanks
  4. you pay shipping and ??? I will leave that to you. have a few things if you need prop protectors? maybe a few props
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    What would you say to $60 and I pay for shipping?
  6. Sorry been out of town. just got the message. Sound great. Do you need/want some prop-guards? if so I can through them in too! Do you have a payPal account?
  7. Yes I do have PayPal but what guarantee do I have that your not scamming me? I'm sorry but I don't wanna lose out on more money. I need to be sure
  8. I do, I have not used for years. I will figure out how to use it again. Thanks
  9. How much for those?
  10. plz contact me at! I can take photos for you! you can prepay for shipping at DHL! then I can send it! Don't know what else to say
  11. Done
  12. If you find the price for HDL for 2.5Kg. You can pay and send me the shipping #
    The you will know when I ship and have tracking

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  13. Kun Bow, any chance do you have the bad batteries for the X-star that I can use to take apart?
  14. yes. But I live in Thailand. you pay for shipping of the tops! can't ship whole battery. I to am trying to work on a work around.
  15. you change your mind?
  16. they wont let you ship a fully discharged battery? I thought the law requires the battery to be discharged before you can ship it on a plane. since the batteries are dead, it would be much less than 30%!

    State of charge. Standalone lithium-ion batteries (UN3480) can be shipped by air only with a state of charge of 30% or less.
  17. well you get a price from DHL or UPS on shipping 1 or 2 batteries. then let me know what you want to do.
  18. DHL will not ship loose LiPo batteries from Thailand to USA from private customers. This was the answer I got from them. Regardless of state of charge.

    I emailed with of DHL due to the nature of LiPo batteries.
  19. That's why I would take the top part off! I've got one tare down. the main part of the system is that it has a code in it! that's what the drone see's! I've got three dead batteries, I can take down. shipping would be about 1lb
  20. If you don't want the tops let me know. That's where the chip is to talk to the drone computer is! that gives it the code it looks for in a battery

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