Capture Pictures directly on Iphone 6?

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  1. Can be pictures taken with EVO be directly saved on IPhone 6 when using IOS version of Explorer? Do you have to connect to a PC to access pictures? I would think a picture one takes which appears on the iPhone screen as the EVO takes the pic could be directly saved on the phone at the time it is taken. Am I missing something?
  2. First off I am android and no very little about IOS except your probably using a beta app but if you are simply looking for a screen shot from your phone you could use a screen capture app such as AZ screen recorder which is what I use. If you want to get clean pictures (no flight data) the android app allows you to do that with the two finger swipe and again I am not sure about the beta version..(sorry).
  3. which direction is the swipe? does that leave JUST the image? I did one finger like on the go app and it didn't work LOL
  4. It's actually a one finger swipe (misprint above). This video talks about it, jump to the 9:40 mark if you don't want to watch the whole video.
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  5. Since the early days of the iPhone, users have been able to take a snapshot of the current screen by pressing the Home and Lock buttons at the same time. The screen flashes and the phone (iPad, iPod Touch) emits a shutter click sound confirming the screen capture. You may view the image in Photos.

    With iOS 11, Apple introduced the ability to record the screen to video:

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