ceiling limitation - behavior re: sudden drop in ground level

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  1. I was wondering how the drone handles major changes in perceived elevation.. ie going OVER a dam and suddenly being 'higher in the air" due to the ground effectively dropping suddenly..

    If the drone was already at say 398, and went over the dam edge.. how would it behave?
  2. It behaves from the tx controller. If you went down the wall of that Dam the app will show a negative number but its all good. I have done this many times.
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    The only thing to really pay attention to when fly below your take off altitude is you have a harder time determining when you are about to reach the bottom of where you are flying. I have taken off and went over the ledge and then followed the dam wall to the water below and on the tablet showed a negative 103 feet till I reached the water (river) below. Hard to judge that type of distance, but pointing your camera straight down can help you determine how close you are to the bottom (then you can use that altitude on the tablet as your safe distance to the ground), then change angle on the camera to pan and view around you.
  4. Really? I flew off of a cliff and the height show on the Starlink App increased! As I flew down in decreased like normal.
  5. Yes that's what I said in my post above, 0 on the ground approx 10 to 12 after auto takeoff, then down (negative -) -103 showing on tablet at the bottom of the dam at the river below. As I returned to home I watched the altitude go from a - 103 feet to a positive 99 feet (RTH mode) then landed and was back at 0 at engine shutoff. Now I'm not saying that the altimeter is exactly accurate as I have seen my tablet read 12 feet and I am looking at it eye level 5'10 I am, so there is definitely a slight error in altitude from time to time, but hopefully the new firmware will also address the altitude errors as it is updating the Sonars, the infer red eye, and GPS system.

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