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  1. I joined this thread not to long ago, but never introduced myself. I have been checking out a lot of different drones and like the XSP, but what does concern me is how hard it has been for some to get batteries for it. I am looking at going up to buy a used XSP, fly it and check the batteries, is there anything else that someone would recommend me looking at to make sure its worth the money ?
  2. Welcome to the Autel Forum! The XSP is a great bird at a very reasonable price. Unfortunately, buying used or refurbished are the only options anymore. There are some good ones for purchase out there. As far as I know, the only other drones comparable to the XSP are the DJI Phantom 3, and 4. You can still get a Phantom 3 Professional on Amazon for about what a new XSP costs. They are pretty much the same bird. Best Buy also has some XSP's left in stock. Batteries are another issue. There are no third-party batteries for the XSP as there are for the Phantom. Some XSP batteries can be purchased at Best Buy or Amazon although they are getting scarce. I have to believe that if Autel is going to support the XSP for a time as they have said, more batteries will come available again. The most recent batch sold out quite quickly. That said, the XSP platform won't be around at some point in the future unless Autel sees fit to revive something like it for the average weekend flyer. It would be nice. On the other hand, the new EVO shows promise so, you may start taking a closer look at it.
  3. I have been looking at the EVO and waiting like everyone else for it to finally come out to see if its as good as they say they are and if they are going to keep producing that one. The majority of my work is nature and wildlife photography and maybe one that folds up would work better for me, who knows.lol.
    From what I have heard and DI, I think I will stay away from them. Between customer service and trying to get things fixed seems to take forever with them.
  4. Autel does have very good customer service. EVO would be a good choice for your needs then. Hopefully it will be out soon so we can get some real reviews on it from the field.

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