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Discussion in 'EVO' started by bjtap, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. Still says coming soon (no date) and when you click the link to access the explorer app whether google or apple the only app it shows is starlink. Not to be a pessimist here but I was one of the first to preorder the EVO from Carolina Dronz (their words) and have been very patient thus far. I get that Autel maybe working on a few bugs or whatever but you would think that they would come up with some kind of a date by now or at the very least a better time frame other than "2nd quarter".
  2. Its getting bad that they are still not able to give a better date than what they have been doing so far. They have a great customer service, but all the great things they keep saying will happen then don't. I have to now start wondering about the company. I have been waiting for EVO to come out like a lot of people.
  3. Someone on another forum mentioned there were rumors going around about the EVO not being released until January 2019. There's no hard factual evidence, just that the word came from "insider information".
  4. If that happens, its really going to look bad for them. I think they are already losing people because they won't give out any information.
  5. 'Insider' information (expressed on the other Autel forum) is hearsay and lacks merit. The 'other' forum has users who seek information from unreliable and unqualified sources - such as facebook and other social media. Worst of all is that many of the people who engage in rumoring aren't interested in purchasing a new EVO. Rather, they seem to get their enjoyment out of digging deep for negative rumors, then posting those rumors on forums which are designed to provide a positive resource for Autel owners. While I occasionally look at the 'other forum', I must honestly say that I prefer this forum, and the much more positive attitude that the members of this forum have.
  6. Yes, none of it is verified. Autel looks to still be on with their schedule of release. Within the next month? Although I am also interested in the EVO, I will probably not buy one until late this year or sometime during the first half of 2019. I am sure looking forward to the first reviews and experiences from those who get them early on.
  7. Hi Gang, although I don't go on Autel's website often, I just came from it tonight and there is some changes concerning the Evo but nothing new in term of news or release date.
    Oh well I quit holding my breath as I would have turned blue and all colors.:)

    Take Care All

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