Charger fan kicks on with one battery and not the other

Discussion in 'X-Star / X-Star Premium' started by drbax, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. I have 2 batteries for my XSP, both have current firmware. With one battery the fan on the charger never kicks on and with the other battery the fan kicks on from the moment you plug in the battery and cycles on and off until the battery is about 75% full. I contacted tech support and they said it was nothing to worry about. I was just curious if anyone else has experienced this?
  2. I had 3 batteries, and I never noticed the fan turning on during charging for any of them. We have the air conditioning set to 72 degrees in the house, and the indoor humidity reading is about 50%. Also, I have the charger set up in an area next to the AC air return vent, so there is plenty of air movement in the spot to begin with. Maybe all that makes a difference??

    Anyways I returned my original XSP, and the batteries needed to go with it since they were all part of a package deal. I have a new XSP on the way, with another 3 batteries, plus eventually a fourth from the Autel promotion - I'll report on those too once I get a few charging cycles on them.
  3. So far I've always charged them indoors where its about 72 degrees also. Neither battery gets warm when it charges, even the secondary one that the fan always kicks on with.
  4. I have never seen my charger fan come on while charging any of my three batteries.
  5. Got the new XSP to replace my previous one, and I've charged the 3 new batteries through a couple cycles each, and this time the charger fan has kicked on a couple times for at least 2 of the batteries. Of course the charger itself is new too - it would have been interesting to see if the fan kicked on for my previous batteries with this new charger...too bad I returned them before this one arrived!
  6. Same here. Battery that came with it the fan never comes on. Extra battery fan cycles on and off all the time.
  7. Just made an evening run and ran the battery low. Immediately plugged it in after coming inside and the fan kicked on right away. Battery felt slightly warm to the touch after removal from the drone.

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