Charger Noise - not fan noise

Discussion in 'General' started by Jake, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Today I went out and had 2 batteries to charge when I got home - one was almost depleted and one was about 20% down. Charge the more full one first and then plugged the more depleted one in. After about 10 minutes I start hearing a squeaky sound, something akin to a moving part that needs oiling. I'm sticking my ear next to everything - it's not the laptop fan, it's not the fan on the battery charger (which isn't on). Finally I bend down and it's coming from the power adapter block. I pick it up and it's hot and the light is red instead of green - and it's squealing inside. I immediately unplug it and let it cool down. I'm contacting support but in the meantime has anyone experienced this at all? Thankfully I've got 2 other fully charged batteries so I can fly some more this afternoon, but I'm hesitant to use the charger again.
  2. Normal.....
  3. Really? I've had literally dozens of these block power adapters on chargers attached to various and sundry objects for decades and never once had one squeal like this - ever.
  4. Just so you know I wasn't questioning you, I was just surprised as heck. Still doesn't seem normal, but as long as it doesn't blow up I'm cool.
  5. Understood. It bothered me the first time I heard it, particularly as I have two chargers and only one does it.
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  6. Keep in mind they also warn against charging batteries unattended.
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  7. I generally don't but sometimes a body has leave a room for a bit if you know what I mean. :)
  8. I leave mine alone often my point is LIPo batteries and their charging systems can be sort of unpredictable. "That's normal" actually means "we aren't addressing this issue now". It seems like they step up at failure, so run til it fails.
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  9. I'd been thru about 8 or 9 battery charges before this happened, including back to back charges on new and uncharged batteries, so it was abnormal in that regard. When I let it cool down and plugged the same battery back in it didn't happen, so I guess I'll give it a break between charges and see if that at least minimizes the normal occurrences.

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