Choctaw County Sheriff's Office now using drone (X-Star)

Discussion in 'News' started by TomKnAL, Aug 15, 2016.


    The story didn't mention if they added blue lights to the X-Star.
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  2. That was an interesting story. We're not in Mayberry anymore. I did a fly over looking for pot plants like the sheriff and they were just where I left them. Just kidding, of course.
  3. Maybe they'll find the bones of Billie Joe McCallister...
  4. Well, BB, they just found that "fish" with the sixteen inch mouth, ugh! Is six feet a 'keeper'?
  5. To fully appreciate this story a person must have heard the Choctaw Bingo song. If you have not, Google it. Then this story will have new meaning!!!!

    "Give the kids a Dr Pepper laced with Benadril and road trip to Oklahoma for the family reunion". :)

    It's a total Redneck family reunion story. I've listened to it 50 times at least. Can't think of the artist's name. McMurtry or something like that?????

    Have you saw the McDonald's built on the Interstate overpass??? If not,, this may not mean much to you..... ;)

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