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  1. Hello everyone,

    Went through and did the latest software update on drone and all batteries. Like the lower initial take off height and the compass calibration change. But did notice something that I cant diagnose. If I start the drone with 'cold battery' warning, the bird doesn't hover in place - it turns a circle about 2-3' in diameter. Also, I did climb with the battery cold indicator still on (67 degrees or so) and when I tried to go forward, the drone acted erratically and went in a diagonal direction. I checked to make sure I was pushing stick straight up, so that is not the problem. Any ideas???


    P.S. This is a shot from the North Shore of Lake Superior I shot today

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  2. Forgot one more thing. My horizon is slanted on many photos like the one above. ???
  3. Very strange, does it all go well after it warms up?
  4. Yes it does. Also, I cannot get Starlink app to make setting adjustments on drone without crashing. Is there an update?
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    The latest version of Starlink for iOS is now available for beta testing. This version is 2.0.5 (2) and it is now compatible with iOS 11. I haven't tested it yet, as I have not upgraded to iOS 11, but I believe this is the primary change over the current published version, which apparently is not fully compatible with iOS 11. If you're interested it participating in beta testing, you can email a request to Autel at iOS@autelrobotics.com and ask them to send you a link to the beta site.

    UPDATED: Latest version for iOS 2.0.5 is now available at the App Store

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