Commercial grade footage?

Discussion in 'EVO' started by squareyes, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. Hi guys,

    I hope this isn't too much of a vague question, but would the Evo be able to deliver commercial grade footage? Not to be broadcast, but more for real estate or small company portfolios etc?

    feedback much appreciated
  2. Absolutely, It has a 4k camera so the resolution is studio quality. You just need to fly it! :)
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  3. Thanks Cori - I've been on the fence on whether to go for the Evo seeing as Im in the uk, but I'm feeling like i should just go for it.
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  4. Yes, the camera on the EVO is quite capable of delivering solid video for certain commercial purposes ie: real estate, but let’s not assume that the fact that it’s a 4K camera in and of itself is sufficient to determine the quality. I doubt if would be sufficiently capable to even shoot b roll for a large format film for example. However today’s video standards are so lax or even non existent, that even a phantom 3 might be used in some television shows, like the Saturday morning nature shows. Sad but true. You must also take into account the resolution of the Lena, size of the sensor etc, in all reality most cameras don’t have a lens that will translate to 4K resolution, true 4K resolution, I very much doubt ANY consumer drone short of for example an Inspire, has a Lena capable of delivering that resolution. For internet based delivery just about any quality drone will do.

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