Compass Calibration and Tile Tracker Beware

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  1. I purchased a Tile a device that connects with bluetooth to your phone so you can find lost things. I thought it would be a good idea to attach one to my X-Star Premium. Went to fly today and could not get the compass to calibrate after 3 tries finally got it. Took off and was about 100 yards out and had a magnetic interference it went into atti mode I landed it and and removed the Tile tracker. Flew fine after I removed it.

    Has anyone else attached a tracking device to there drone and if so where to mount it.
  2. I'm sorry to report that I haven't, but I was planning to do this exact thing. I'll test mine this weekend though and see what happens.
  3. Thanks Bryan. I put it back on yesterday and gave it another try with no problems. But I sure am a little iffy if it will happen again. Is not a good thing sure glad I wasn't very far away when it happened like some of my flights of over a 1/4 mile.
  4. The tile range is only good for the range of your phones bluetooth range. Several hundred feet max. . Not going to be useful for finding drone excepting close phone range.
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    I understand the range is short. I can pick it up at 150 feet if it goes down in tall grass or corn field. I believe it will be much easier to find. Get close instead of right on top of it.
  6. Good point. I lost and F86 in August cornfield. Wasn't found until spring. :(
  7. Hi Smitty,

    What type of Tile did you use (original, slim or mate), and where did you place it? How did you attach it?
  8. Hi Bigbit

    I'm using the Mate, it was attached to the one leg that is wider towards the bottom. I zip tied it to that leg that way it could not slide down all the way. Its odd the first time it flew fine the next time could not get the compass calibrate and after I did lost calibration in flight.
  9. Smitty,

    I believe that the X-Star's compass is in the drone's leg, so the close proximity might be an issue. I'm still waiting for my X-Star to arrive, so I haven't been able to try this yet. I have both a spare Mate and a Slim, so I am going to try each in various spots on the drone to see what works best. I'll update you as to what I find out.
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  10. Thanks Bigbit

    I hope to do a little flying this week if it warms up. I'm also going to try different placements and see if I can figure something out. I will post back also.
  11. Updates guys? I haven't gotten mine yet but I am trying to order everything to ensure I am as prepared as possible.
  12. Updates guys? I haven't gotten mine yet but I am trying to order everything to ensure I am as prepared as possible.
  13. After reading of many compass / magnetic interference / video link issues on the various XSP boards, I decided to forego on even trying a Tile on my XSP.
  14. How relevant is it now that you have time under your belt with this specific drone? Does it have the flyaway issues mentioned that other drones have?
  15. I have been using the Tile Mate without any issues. I moved it to the body Velcroed it between two of the arms. Have had no compass errors.
  16. I found that the new star Link app removes the need for external tracking devices. It was good and now its better. Went down in a wooded area and it took me right to it.
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  17. Good stuff. Thanks for posting. :)
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  18. Yes, thanks Mtron. I was wondering about that.
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  19. I crashed my XSP last fall and it went down behind a hill out of site except for video on my ipad. Didn't have the tracking feature then. my wife heard the last 3 start up beeps and she found it after the 3rd and last series of beeps.(after I offered a 100 dollar reward!!) I called Peter at Ace's Deals and I ordered the Marco Polo. I talked to a tech at Autel and he said the best place to mount the transmitter was opposite the battery on the front of the drone just above the usb port. I had it on the landing gear before and got a lot of weak video signal errors. Now a less errors. I used silicone caulk to glue it on so I can remove it if needed. Spendy, but the Marco Polo will take me right to the drone. After I update the firmware I think I'll have the tracker feature also. I don't think I have it now , but will look into it.
  20. It's in the latest Starlink update:


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