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  1. Thinking of breaking down and picking up an Evo soon but would prefer to use a tablet. Anyone using an 8 inch or larger that doesn't cost hundreds, if so which? Not being cheap, just don't need another tablet but don't ant to use my smart phone.
  2. I use an 8in iPad Mini and it works great using one of the cheap plastic 3D printed clamp extenders discussed in another thread. The RC/iPad combo isn't very well balanced however so when I put it down it topples backwards. But I have now attached a neck strap to the RC which helps me where I previously needed three hands to open doors.
  3. I use a 16G Samsung Tab A..... It's 8 inches I believe. I glued a piece of hardwood the width of a cellphone on the back and that fits the evo controller holder.... cost me zero dollars
  4. I am using my smartphone as that second display. Am thinking the next move would either be that Live Deck by Autel or straight connection to a 55" smart TV.
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    Has anyone used the Live Deck with a USB monitor and an EVO? I have both HP S140u and a lower power Duex USB monitor. Both use DisplayLInk drivers. I don't see any spec on the USB output, other than it supports connecting the EVO controller with a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

    Can either the USB connector on Live Deck or on the console be connected to one of these USB connected monitor such as Duet or HP S140u? These displaysc works on every recent Android and Linux system. They use very little power and have magnets around the back to mount on any nearby steel.

    Any problem connecting this to either the EVO controller USB port or the Live Deck USB port?
  6. We now have a LiveDeck, but it does not work with a USB DisplayLink monitor. Would be excellent to add DisplayLink support as these low power monitors can be powered from the LiveDeck via USB3,
  7. Does anyone know if the EVO II Pro Version 2 work with the "Live Deck?"

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