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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by got2fly, Oct 30, 2016.

  1. I've had my X-Star Premium about 6 weeks now and have occasionally checked out this forum. I think it's time I came out from the shadows.

    I'm flying an XSP (white) with an iPad Mini 4 which I bought specifically for this purpose. I started out with my iPhone 6 but it was too small and my wife's iPad Air is too big and heavy to suit me. I did a little research and was tempted to get a Nividia K1 but in the end I figured I'd get more all around use from the iPad.

    What I love about my X-Star:
    (1) It always comes home.
    (2) Its so stable.
    (3) Customer service. I have contacted them twice once by phone once by chat. Both times I got an immediate response.

    What could be improved:
    (1) I don't like that it goes into Go Home mode at 25% battery and I can't get out of it. I suggested to Autel that they have an override in Advanced Settings to switch to a warning at 25% and periodically thereafter.
  2. I have cancelled Go Home after 25% battery warning. I did it tonight. I rotated to face the sunset, then continued Home under my control, backwards.
  3. When I cancel go home it comes right back on. I called Autel about it and the rep. said his XSP does the same thing. His solution was to land before reaching 25%. Not a great solution.
  4. Welcome to the forum, got2fly! Glad you decided to join.

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