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  1. Because of my arthritis I mounted the controller and Ipad on a trypod. It takes the top heavy strain from my poor old hands. With this and my Photo Hood to keep out the glare from the screen I can fly in comfort.
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  2. Not bad the only draw back I can see from this is that you can't move around while in flight unless you pick up the entire setup.
  3. The trypod is carbon fiber and very light easy to pick up and re position.
  4. pictures of the mount

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  5. Very good idea Rkyleh! In fact, I would think that anyone would probably have better control if they don't have to support the controller while flying the aircraft. And, as you say, the tripod is light and easy to move - if needed. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Your setup looks good! Where did you get the extender clip to mount the Ipad ? The only clips I can find are for the smaller, Ipad mini. My Ipad looks as big as yours. Have the same issues as you, can see the advantage of the idea.
  7. A "tripod" you don't have to lift as it follows you everywhere ;) How did you attach the tripod quick release on the controller, crazy glue?
    This worked freaking great really easy way to carry the controller and have hands free when needed, absolutely no weight to throw your neck out of whack. This is an Inspire P3,4 RC waist mount, it is fast mount unmount with the DJI RC but for the EVO controller I used velcro, heavy duty velcro allegedly, the problem is, the tape sticks to the tray perfectly, but not to the EVO controller, I guess the material or the texture is not allowing it to, bummed me out, however the front (belly side) of the Inspire mount holds it well, just not positioned where I want (you can see the velcro strip further up) Now I have to figure out how to make the velcro stick. I also think I will need to get the hanging tablet adaptor depicted above, as the EVO phone holder with the extension is not making me warm and fuzzy it's not staying in place and gets a little wobbly. so, maybe I won't be free of neck weight. Anyone have any ideas for the velcro on the EVO RC? will sanding the area help or will it make it more difficult to stick and stay? I really cleaned it well using alcohol, so I don't think it's a dirt issue. look ma' no hands!!-1.jpg
  8. I took the plunge after trying many cheap options and got the Thor, I couldn't be more pleased, build quality is great, though they don't provide instructions, putting it together was very logical and easy to do, hard to believe anyone would have a hard time pitting this thing together. One thing I was worried about was the space it might take in my backpack, but if you remove the actual tablet grip controller fits exactly where I originally assigned it and in fact I feel it's much safer. I'm however concerned whether the ball adapter is going to survive many mounts/dismounts, but what I love about it is now much firmer and solid it holds the tablet than any extenders or adaptors attached to the factory grip, these were flimsy at best and I feared the factory grip just couldn't handle the weight. With the Lifthor I can use the Dronebelt, though I think I need stronger velcro, and/or the beset harness and feel pretty secure and confortable with either. The neck lanyard provided by lifter seems a bit to cheap and flimsy for my taste. One thing more that bothers me is that I don't think if I ever want a range extender that it will fit with the Lifthor, I know the cheap parabolic I have will not work, and don't think the Titan system will adapt either which well, I probably do not need, but since I have the system on my Inspire I can always use it on the EVO too. anyway that's an issue to deal with another time.
  9. I have been looking at this thing pretty hard. I haven't taking the plunge yet. The setup i use now with the sunshade and hood works very well because the hood supports the controller and monitor and I can see the monitor without any glare. The porthole I put in the shade lets me see the drone so I am legal as far as keeping the drone in line of sight.

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  10. that porthole is interesting, how are you keeping the shade from collapsing south of the porthole? I cannot use the shade with my setup, it's not long enough, in fact its a bit short even with the R/C in my hand.
  11. I am using a monitor shade like you show in your picture along with the hood. The monitor shade keeps the cloth from drooping down in front of the monitor. You need a seamstress to cut the end of off the hood and add some length it would be easy to do.

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