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  1. What is the correct procedure to turning on and turning off the remote control and the battery in the drone so the video is not lost? This morning, (after getting my replacement XSP) I went out for a bit of practice). The procedure I followed was:
    1) turn on RC, 2) turn on battery in drone, 3) took a very short practice run (while recording), 4) brought XSP home, 5) turned off battery while still in drone, 6) turned off RC, 7) removed turned off battery from drone.

    So what should I have done because the 2nd and last video was not playable? ) Before the flight I reformatted the XD card within Starlink. This is all with the 'old' firmware (1.13?) but the battery was firmwared to 2.01. Support told me this would not be a problem. (new verb: firmwared)?
  2. I usually stop recording before I turn off anything. I've heard someone on the other site had a similar prob and it ended up because he turned off the drone before he stopped recording. As for turning off one before the other, I usually turn the remote on first when beginning to fly and when returning I turn off video then the drone then the remote.
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  3. In my case I always do the same: When turning on the RC first then Drone and when come back and landed, I turn off the RC first again then the drone. Turfargon is right as when landed turn off recording.
  4. Tufargon,
    I think you hit it on the head. I don't recall pressing the record button to stop the recording. I better be more cognizant! I am glad it was just a re-acquaint myself flight after waiting for the replacement. The flight lasted all of about one to two minutes. (Became too windy). Thank you!
    One other thing I just might do. It is always the last recording that becomes unplayable. Perhaps after my 'last recording' and pressing the stop recording button... I will record a few seconds of useless video (like when I am walking back to the car). That should add an extra layer of 'safety' to my recordings.
  5. You're welcome and I hope it works for you. I'd try first without the extra recording to be sure it is that. Then you don't have to worry about the extra recording.
    My problem is I sometimes forget to hit the record button altogether and I only find out when my battery is done when I land cause I go to turn it off and see it's not even on!! lol
  6. If you shutdown the drone and rc without stopping video record, it's lost....
  7. I wouldn't say completely lost because the other day I forgot the stop the video before shutting the battery off the drone and I thought "ok that video is gone" but when I put the card in the pc It was still good. Seems to be sporadic for users.
  8. No promises, but I read on one of these boards that if you get one of these dud videos on your SD card you should put the card back in the drone, power it up, record another short video and supposedly this will fix your bad video. I’ve never tried this myself so have no direct experience. Can’t hurt to try...
  9. Definitely worth a try.
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    After landing, your equipment should be shutdown in the reverse order: drone first, then the RC. Doing it the other way around can cause, and I have seen it, the drone to think it has lost connection with the RC and attempt to go RTH. I don't know if an XSP would react that way but I have seen it and heard of it happening with other drones.

    In answer to the original poster, the video should be stopped before turning anything else off or it may not save to the card.
  11. Bigbit and others:
    What you said about putting the SD card back in with an unplayable file. Dang if it isn't true. Here is what I did. I was not flying, too windy. I set up the XSP like normal and to be sure I reformatted the SD card within XSP. After setup and connection:
    1) I recorderd a 10 second video and turned off the recording button as one should.
    2) I then started a second 10 second recording but did not stop the recording with the record button. I shut down the XSP and then the Remote Control.
    3) Removed the SD card and dumped the files to the computer WITHOUT removing the files from the card itself.
    4) First video played well. Second video, where I did not use the recording button, did NOT play.
    5) Put the SD card back into XSP and started things up in the correct order... RC and then the drone.
    6) Recorded a third 10 second video.
    7) Shut down properly, that is stopped the recording, turned off drone battery and then the RC.
    8) Redumped all three files to the computer.
    9) ALL THREE PLAYED! Yes, including the 2nd one that would not play before.
    As Bigbit says: "No promises", but it sure worked this time!
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  12. Glad it worked for you! Unfortunately for me, I only saw this tip after I bunged up a file myself and tossed it, assuming it to be unrecoverable. But it’s good to know in case there’s a “next time”.
  13. Wonder if Autel knows about this little trick to recover a file. I'll definately remember it.
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  14. I wish the same thing for a file I lost in the past... but here's to the future and hopefully not having to use this procedure.
  15. Good report!!!! Thanks for the experiment and reporting the results!!!!
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  16. Your welcome, like you say ovrzd... I just try to do what little I can to help.
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  17. Generally I stumble onto anything that's helpful. Not intentional at all..... :confused:
  18. So, you deactivate one by one. I thought we should turn off the screen before anything because the drone can be disabled with a stop button.
  19. That's how I do it. I believe if you turn the screen (starlink app) off first then your drone may try to return to home because loss of connection to the app.

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