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    Newbie...I apologize if this is the incorrect place for this.

    I crashed my drone and now feel a slight resistance from one of the motors that none of the others have. It's not great and would certainly not prohibit the prop from turning but I am concerned it may play with the aerodynamics of flight. It is a very slight resistance where as the others feel smooth this one feels slightly "bumpy" There is no play or wiggle to it and it appears undamaged to the naked eye.

    I can not seem to find the motors as a replacement part even though it can clearly be removed. In searching for it I ran across items used to "balance your props" not sure what they do or how they work or if they are even designed for this problem.

    Any help is appreciated.
  2. I am willing to bet that they are the same motors that DJI uses.
  3. I recommend you play it safe and just call Autel customer support and explain to them the way you described it above, great bunch of folks there I am sure they will help you.

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