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Discussion in 'X-Star / X-Star Premium' started by John McKay, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. I'm a newbie. Just crashed my X Star. This was a "kick me" crash. I was running low on battery as I was walking with the drone. My goal was to get about fifteen feet further to land the aircraft, but the auto return kicked in. I was under trees and the X Star flew up into the trees as it tried to get altitude. The crash resulted in a broken camera connector. It is still usable but does need replacement. Also dislocated a gimbal pin and tore a grommet. I am posting just to re-enforce to newbies landing the craft before batteries get too low. I was on the 4-5 minute mark.

    I did try to pause the RTH but to no avail. I managed to get it on the ground right side up but it took off again to gain altitude to return home. Nasty, but not permanent damage as far as I can tell. I am thinking I will order some extra extra spare replacement kits...! Having fun anyway! :)
  2. Well John it was luck in your bad luck, I read if once on the ground you can bring both sticks at their lower outside position and the motors will quit right there, also useful if the craft slips on its side to stop the propellers that are still turning. All this is easier said than done sitting on my sofa waiting for my new X-Star to arrive next Monday.

    Good Luck

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  3. I am with you.... :) I enjoy the X Star so much I just ordered replacement parts for the legs, small parts, propellers and uv filter just to have on hand. I almost got a spare body but decided I can wait since I have a phantom to keep me busy if I really mess up. But all in all I am writing it off to learning about my go to X Star.
  4. I just put it back together and flew it briefly in the dark. All seems well. I will examine the camera tomorrow in daylight. The little connector lock broke but no damage to the pins. Now.... since I like living a little on the edge, should I buy a toy drone to crash up? :)
  5. BTW... You will love it..... :)
  6. Sorry to hear, bad luck. I have never run down low enough for the rth to kick in. I think I've been down to 6 or 7 minutes sometimes but have always landed before rth takes over.
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  7. Sorry to hear about your crash...
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  8. Just an update: Everything is in order. Even the broken camera connector is working. It cost me one ea grommet and gimbal pin. Another note: All my spare batteries arrived today. I am well stocked on power so not tempted to get an extra minute.... Thanks all. :)
  9. In my "learning" I've developed a nack for glancing at the data along the top of the screen constantly. Height is the first thing I watch. Battery time is a close second. A close third it distance away from home. I've taught myself to constantly monitor this data. Sometimes I still get myseld caught in the "go home" mode. I immediately shut if off and fly myself home. I never, never, never fly my Drone under cover of any kind. I always have an escape route vertically up. I also never move more than a few feet from my launch point. This allows me to understand what obstacles the drone has to get thru to "go home".

    Sorry for your crash. I've crashed twice. Both times, operator error.

    You'll figure it out.
  10. In my case for height the minimum is 60 ft and the rest is all flat agricultural fields hence the 60 ft is for hydro poles. I'm waiting for the brown truck on Monday hehe.
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  11. Rolling terrain here. Really have to pay attention to surrounding terrain before launching. I try to launch on a high spot if I can.

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