Crashed drone for sale

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  1. I just crashed my EVO from about 390' to the ground in seconds I think it actually accelerated going down. My theory is that I lost a prop I just replaced all four before this flight. Damage is one leg/motor broken completely just held together by the wires, battery is cracked, camera/gimble is broken. Considering speed and altitude I would figure more damage it actually held up really well. Comes with soft case, extra props, controller, charger, and all the cords. I will also throw in the new EVO lighting system just got it today and haven't even tried it yet (this will go at cost nothing wrong with it brand new) Make me an offer I have no idea what to charge. I will post pics if someone really wants to see.
  2. I maybe wrong about the camera/gimble at first glance it looked bent but now it seems to swivel okay. I don't have a functional battery to check out but the camera gimbal may be okay.
  3. No longer for sale, currently in Autels hands getting repaired.
  4. Hey did you get a price quote from them yet?
  5. Autel said it was not economically feasible to repair (totaled in other words) so they sold me a refurbished one for $730.00
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  6. Did they give you your old one back? They told me mine was too broken to fix, wanted me to pay $750 and wanted to keep my old one.
  7. Just got my refurb today UPS with another package coming tomorrow. Not sure what this other package is but not expecting anything else and can't pull up no info on the UPS site. I did not ask for my old drone back just the SD card they said no problem on that.
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