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  1. Well I had my first (uh, second) crash today. I was flying near myself at a fairly low altitude and thought I had the clearance to fly above a tree not too far away. I thought wrong. Clipped a fairly large branch near the very top of the tree and the drone fell out of the sky (or in this case, the tree).

    Not any real damage to the actual drone (except one ruined prop that I had just balanced an hour before).

    However, the two halves of the gimbal assembly got pulled apart. The net result was firstly that some of the shock bumpers were pulled apart, and secondly that the connecting cable, with lots of small wires pinned out in the connectors, was pulled apart and all the wires separated from the connectors.

    The camera itself does not appear to have been damaged. Not even a scratch. I have send a picture (included here as well) to Autel so they can advise whether they can just send me some parts or whether they think I should send the whole assembly back to them.

    Ahhh, being a newbie is such fun (NOT).

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  2. Sorry to hear of it. If you only knew the order the wires were attached in, you could probably solder them back yourself as those connectors are doable. Hopefully Autel can help you out for a reasonable cost.
  3. Autel suggested the whole drone in for service. Not sure I want to do that though. All that broke was the connector cable between the two halves of the gimbal. And it's a snap on connector cable, no soldering or anything. I have asked Autel to send me another connector cable so I can put it in and see if the drone is having any problems. If it is I can always send it in then. We'll see whether they are willing to send me that cable.
  4. I would think that Autel would be able to sell you spare parts... However, they may be concerned with other underlying damage that may have occurred as a result of the impact/crash. I'm thinking they want to check out and see if the drone is air worthy or may need additional parts replaced.....
  5. Last December I crashed by Xiro Xplorer. Like the X-Star it has a removable gimbal/camera. The Xplorer V has a Xiro camera while the Xplorer G has a GoPro gimbal. Unlike the is available without a camera. A V-Kit can be used to upgrade an Xplorer Standard or Xplorer G to a V. A G-kit can be added to either a Standard or Xplorer V.

    A the time of my crash, the only option to fix a broken gimbal was to buy a V-kit at full retail, $360 at the time, $260 now. This was and is over half the price of a new drone. I thought this was ridiculous and was very poor after sales support. I suggested that they provide a flat rate repair option. An existing customer would send in a broken part and Xiro would send them a repaired part for a flat rate. They would repair the broken gimbal and have it available the next time a customer needed a replacement. The key point is that the customer could get a broken part repaired rather than having to buy a completely new part.

    I don't think they implemented my suggestion exactly, but it is possible to get a repaired gimbal for less than a new one, if they receive the damaged part. I think Autel should consider something similar.
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    I was notified by email today that my drone was repaired and is being shipped back to me tomorrow. Since Autel is in Washington state and I am in California it should not take long.

    With regards to the crash, they replaced exactly what I told them was broken, the multi-pin cable between the gimbal halves and a couple of the rubber bushings.

    But when I wrote it up, I asked them to please see if they could find any reason why so far I could not get more than 0.7 miles before losing connectivity with the drone. Autel informed me that they also replaced a transmitter (not sure if on the drone or the controller - I sent both in) and that they tested the drone at 1.5 miles without any signal loss. This is double what I have ever been able to get previously. I am hoping that it's not just geography making that difference.

    Of course being in Washington state they may have been flying it where there is no interference to speak of, but nonetheless I am encouraged to know they checked it out and replaced something related to communications between the controller and the drone. Can't wait to get it and try it out here in my area. In a BIG OPEN SPACE instead the stupid places I've been trying to fly it as a beginner.

    UPDATE: Upon further inquiry to Autel, I was told that the transmitter replaced was in my drone, not the controller.
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  7. Glad to hear you'll be getting it back soon and it sounds like they are taking care of the issues.
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  8. My drone comes home Monday!!!! I can't wait. I never imagined I would miss a drone but I do :).
  9. If you don't mind me asking. How much did they charge you for the repair?
  10. Zero! Did it all for free including shipping it back to me :).
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  11. Dammit Jim, Mine looks just like that, wires pulled out and everything. I was in a 10 knot wind testing my skills and pushing my limits near the trees and it seems my ADD dyslexia and agent orange kicked in all at the same time and I flew into a branch about 20 feet up. Lesson learned. Gonna call Autel tomorrow. Glad you got yours back.
  12. Sorry to hear it. I'm getting pretty brave with mine. I plan to take pics and video amongst timber trees of our offroad buggies. I'm practicing amongst thinly scattered trees now. Figure it's inevitable that I'll crash.

    P.S. Didn't realize agent orange could contribute to this. I'll hafta be more careful. ;)
  13. So how does it fly now? I have a friend who sent theirs in for the range issue, they said they replaced the same transmitter, sent it back to him and he still has the same issue. I also have a range problem but I pretty much gave up on Autel and their poor customer service and product.
  14. Really?!?! I guess even with a company with an outstanding customer service rating there is gonna be a bad apple or two to try and prove other wise.
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  15. Electromagnetic static from some very hot powerlines taught me a good lesson about power-lines you get close to them they mess up your GPS signal when I finally found it the people that live there tried stealing my drone said I was eavesdropping on them yeah I was dropping all right lol

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