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are they going under

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  1. Well, I have been calling for a few days now. when I get on some times it will say I am in line plz wait. then if I get this far after 5min it comes back to say have a nice day and hangs up. I have had 2 flyaways and looks like the last one ended the xsp. waiting to see an answer from on-line msg. how has everybody been doing?
  2. Kun Bow, you will have to be more concise in your explanation of flyaways. Does it mean you lose control and the drone leaves on its own ?
    So far my drone is working good at my end. The temperature has turned very cool here with a risk of frost tonight but the forecast is looking warmer.
  3. Kun Bow
    I just went through the same thing. I had a runaway (in my case as I visually saw the XSP just take off and would not respond to any commands I gave it. My first clue of a problem was I was watching the XSP up in the air and the RC showed 0 feet altitude). Upon giving it the RTH command the software said it was coming home but in reality it just kept going). I tried for about 10 minutes to get it back home and as I was walking to the car to leave without it, I heard a large whine and out of the corner of my eyes I saw the XSP come flying almost overhead and crash land nearby). I immediately reported it and it took Autel about 4 days to respond... but respond they did and I shipped the crashed XSP back today. So Kun Bow, hang tight. I have never known Autel but to be totally honorable, if not occasionally slow to respond. Try sending an email also stating when you made the call and any other attempts you made to contact them.
    BTW: As for going under: Autel's senior software engineer responded to that about a couple of weeks ago. 'They are not going under, they are updating the firmware, they will 'soon' be making announcements about new products'. I too had that thought and sometime ago and started to question Autel's future. Based on what I have seen and the support I have gotten from Autel since, I believe they will be around for a while, but perhaps with slower customer support than what we have become used to.
  4. You asked what happens. Well, both times after flying for a bit I will hit RTH and it will start coming home. Next, it will say starting to land. Then I get a disconnect msg and the controller and the drone are not talking. then it will fly side ways to some other area and crash land.
  5. Kun Bow,
    What version of firmware are you using?
  6. I had the newest software. But now I can't connect with the drone, the controller says..
  7. Kun Bow,
    Have you heard back from Autel yet? I suspect that over the weekends and holidays they have fewer people working, but it seems like it has been quite a while for you. Like I said earlier, last time it took 4-5 days to respond to me. Do you belong to facebook? I am told they respond to facebook quite regularly. (I am not with facebook).
  8. might go to the facebook and see if I can get a faster reply. the last reply was 9/3. your right with the cut backs and holidays it might take a few days
  9. Ya mistty said sorry she was off for a few days. And if I want to send it in I will have to pay to ship, because I moved to Thailand. But I asked if they could help a little. because if I send it to my brother in So Cal they would pay shiping.
  10. I have an issue, most likely, with the camera on my XSP. Sent in an email because the website wouldn't let me upload a picture (4MB). About 2 hours later, on a Sunday, I get a very helpful reply.

    Other companies could look to use this model.

  11. What is your issue with the camera. Mine is with resolution and I have spent a good amount of time w/ CS on this. They have worked very hard to solve my problem, but it persist. I know they want to make it work and have proven that with their effort. Wish us luck!
  12. My issue is with 'sparkle' type articfacts showing up on both still and 4k .mp4 films. It's about 6.45pm EDT and I have a message waiting for me. Can't beat this service.

  13. I'm certainly no expert, but I am assuming that you are viewing your flight on your monitor and videos from other sources don't have this problem on your monitor?
  14. Correct. I have tried 2 cards now and reset the camera once. I have only ever seen this with footage from the drone. It has been suggested that I clean the contacts, which will also reseat the gimbal. Let's hope this works as I really don't want to send this back again.

  15. Okay, thinking bad pixels obviously...too simple. I saw Tufargon's suggestion in regard to hardware...he is a pretty knowledgeable guy. So you intimated that you had to send it back once, but didn't help? I may have to do the same thing, but hope not.
  16. Hey Kcender. Great input!
    Hope you both get your issues resolved quick and painless!
  17. Hey Tufargon, I have mixed feelings about my issue. By that I mean that Autel is trying to help me, but am I doing my part? The Manual is a joke for the uninitiated like me. They make it sound like it is as easy as using your refrigerator, it's not and we all know this. I have been watching some Autel sponsored vids on use of the camera and I KNOW I probably created my own problem. I have a responsibility and a requirement to understand how to use this stuff, but gosh darn it!
  18. Trust me Kcender. These people make it sound easy because it IS easy for them. Electronics can be like magic. Something you would have never thought could end up being the culprit. I've seen it in computer repair a billion times.
  19. W
    Well now, THAT is reassuring. Used to be my biggest problem was hooking a Steelhead. Now, not so sure.
  20. Just sharpen your hooks, keep good line on and set the drag right and yer fine. haha

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