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Discussion in 'General' started by Don Lewis, Jan 29, 2017.

  1. Question..... any of you that has had experiences with Autel customer support and them replacing items, how lo g does this take? I had my battery drop problems last week and called last Sunday. Dan at Autel exchanged emails with me that night and decided he needed to replace my two batteries. I sent the info and did t hear another word. I initiated a chat on Tuesday and inquired if they received my info since I hadn't received a confirmation. Dan then responded within a few minutes that he had put in the replacement batteries and would send me a tracking number when they shipped. I still haven't heard anything again almost a week later. I even sent Dan another email a couple days ago and asked for a time frame. So I guess I will ask here what what you guys have had for timeframes?

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  2. Pick up the phone and call them! Forget emails and chat. You have wasted a week by not picking up the phone.

  3. I did that several times. I actually right after posting this got a tracking numerous sent to me. Evidently it was mailed on the 24th. Haha

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  4. That's good news, you should back flying the friendly skies soon!

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