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  1. Purchased Cyberlink Power Director 15 to edit videos. Watching the tutorials there are settings for drone cameras in edit-fix/enhance-lens correction. Is anyone using this? And which maker/model are you using since Autel is not listed as a maker and neither is the model of the camera.
  2. I don't use it basically because I feel the lens on the camera is just fine as shot. To me that option is more for correcting fisheye which the Autel does not have. I guess if you really wanted to use this option you could choose the DJI Phantom 3 setting.
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  3. Ok just checking, thanks
  4. Looking at the Autel camera specs the max FOV (Field of View) is 108°. So I guess you could look up the other manufactures camera specs and see if any are the same or close to the Autel.
  5. Couple of ?? for Power Director 15 users.
    Does it matter for editing/producing video if its .mp4 or .mov setting on XSP?
    To produce a video in Power Director 15, which format should I use? (H.264 AVC, H.265 HEVC, XAVCS,Windows Media,AVI, MPEG-2)Should the numbers (ex: 3840 x 2160/30p (50 Mbps) match what the XSP is filming at? Does anyone know where good tutorials are at? Cyberlinks are more sales gimmic than actually teaching. Most on YouTube are for version 12.
    What's the best way to produce to YouTube? Played around with PD15 for like 7 hrs last night and couldn't get it to produce to You Tube.

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  6. I found that the .mov files where really slow to work with in cyberlink. Thinking that .mov video files are more for mac operating systems I changed over to .mp4 format. Seems to be more PC friendly at least for me.

    If saving my video to disk I always save it as a H.264 and render it at the speed it was shot at. When importing your video cyberlink will warn you if the video does not match the settings you have set in cyberlink. You can choose to ignore or adjust those settings.
    For producing to youtube, after you are satisfied with your edit go to produce. From there you will see 4 options on the top. (standard 2D, 3D, Device, Online) choose online. That will bring up all the different online options. Click on the Youtube option. From there you need to set the upload quality. Anything over Full HD 1920x1080 youtube makes a mess of so I always just upload at that setting.
    From there it tell you that you need to authorize the upload. Hit authorize and another page comes up. Just follow the instructions from there.
    It will start to render and when finished rendering it will start to upload. I have had it render and upload to 90 % and fail for no apparent reason so I just take the rendered video and upload from my youtube channel page. Seems to take longer that way but it always uploads that way.

    Tutorials....sorry no answer. Guess you need to keep looking on youtube till you find a good one.

    I use Cyberlink powerdirector 14, some settings might be different in 15 but I don't think so other then the 360 degree option.

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