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  1. I was setting up to do a follow video yesterday evening. Had the drone set about 75 feet away and maybe 30 feet up. As I got into the car my screen started indicating that the drone was disconnected from the controller. Yet the cord was still in place. I could not get control back and it went into auto land so I was able to grab it out of the air as it was coming down. I did not attempt another follow mode but I did fly manually for another ten minutes or so with no problems. Not sure why it disconnected. I notice the wire that plugs into the underside of the controller is a loose fit.
  2. I thing a lot of problems people have are from damaged cords. Nothing last forever and the angle of the controller USB is easy to plug in but easy to damage. I enjoy your videos, farming here in Georgia is different.
  3. Does the drone need the viewer to do that function?

    If it was a cord problem wouldn't it have flashed a "video link" problem?

    Still learning here.
  4. If you unplug the USB cable the message is "App disconnected". The status bar turns red and picture goes black and white and is no longer live. Plug the wire back in picture goes live and status bar turns green with safe to fly message.
  5. When something like that happens I am in , or close to, panic mode and things are happening so fast that I don't notice all the details. There may have been other alerts on screen that I missed. I also noticed that I could not enable "cancel land" when I tried. The drone was coming down about 20 feet away from the take off site and would have landed on a fence if I did not catch it. That USB connector under the remote has been loose since day one and in my opinion is a poor design. When you set the controller down it is pretty much resting right on the plugged in end which will eventually damage the wires I think.
  6. I know it is not recommended by Autel but I bought a 90 deg for the USB at the back of the RC which I have yet to receive. I cringed everytime I would set the RC down which surely would not help the USB RC connector, I can report if you wish on the 90 deg.
    Roosty what tablet do you use when you press "cancel land", I use the pause button also to take over the RTH function (sorry if you knew that already)
    I know I have used the "cancel land" and pause a couple times to take over with no problems.
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  8. The drone will land on its own when that happens. You were lucky that it was close by. When disconnected Gps does not
    work. Switch to attitude mode and maneuver to an area to regain control the switch back to gps mode and bring it in.

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  9. So that is what "atti" mode is for. I'll keep it in mind next time.
    Normex, I think that 90 degree end on the usb cord is a good idea and Autel should have designed it like that. I use my Samsung Galaxy tablet. It is a good big screen for viewing but a bit heavy and clumsy to work with.
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    Funny when I get disconnected it initiates RTH and I wait it comes back some where I can "cancel land" and go somewhere else.
    GOS is still functional even when disconnected as long you have at least 6 satelites.
    Am I missing something here?
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  11. Roosty your Samsung this is a fine tablet but do you have glare issues with it?
  12. Yes, sunlight glare off the tablet screen is a major issue in daytime flying and I have to be in a shaded area to see the screeen at all. I like evening flights just before sunset as the glare is not so bad then.
  13. Well coincidence happens as I received my 90 deg connectors and I will connect my micro USB cable on the RC permanently so one thing less to prepare just connect to the tablet.
    Here's a pic of my new setup, and yes I will update you all if I can fly like before....crossing fingers

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  14. Yeah, I never unplug the cord from the controller. Just unplug the viewer.

    I've had several incidents when things go bad. Always freaks me out. But I'm getting better at recovering. Makes you survey your surroundings and do everything you can to avoid any interferences or disconnections.

    I don't know how pilots in cities get anything done..... :)
  15. The problem could be on either end, it may just be a little trash in the connection. Just remember when the tablet is not working the cancel buttons on it is out too. The pause on the controller always works if you have control signal. Test on your cord without flying so you can concentrate.
  16. Fundy, post some pics/videos over on the Agricultural video thread when ya get a chance. You'll certainly add variety. :)
  17. I tried the XSP after supper to see if there was much difference with the 90 deg connector and happy to say it flew .86 mile without a hitch well almost as there was the odd video disconnect but came back to green when I raised the drone up to 300 ft. There was some trees in a perpendicular fashion that seems to affect the video but no disconnect requiring RTH tonight, so for me its a keeper.
    I videod the lagoons behind my place and I'll post it on the agricultural thread with hopefully some narration. I had the flight route enabled so gonna have to do some reading on the subject.

    Take Care All
  18. I've not tried any of the flight choices such as Orbit or Follow or Waypoints.

    I need to expand myself and experiment with that.
  19. I have not seen any use for the waypoint setting yet. Orbit could be useful but so far I have not tried it. Follow is great as it is useful for my driving videos and works great. (Except for a recent disconnect). Last night I tried it again , just walking this time, and it worked fine following along.
  20. Well a bit disappointed at the 90 deg connector, the XSP developed a dislike to it as this evening I only got a full disconnect, I have removed it and tried without and it connected then tried again with the 90 and could not get connected. It seems last night I was very lucky as I travelled .86 mile with it and it came back on my volition.
    I had bought a very good quality 90 deg connector capable of being USB 3.0
    Too bad Autel could not come up with something for that as it is very useful and faster since we don't have to connect the cable and so forth.
    I hope no one decided to buy a 90 deg based on my experience last night.

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