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  1. My xsp stops at .33 distance out even with distance limit off and not in beginner mode. Any suggestions?
  2. Hey Nitram, Is this in one location only or anywhere you fly and is it exactly .33 (miles?) every time? There is a distance limit setting even out of beginners mode.
  3. 2 different places it has not gone even close to half a mile straight out. I have tried with settings at distance limit off and with it on the most is 1650ft
  4. Setting distance limit to OFF should fix it all. It still stops at .33 even set to off? Also make sure you have the XSP connected to the RC and it's connected to the drone so when you do the settings in the Starlink app it takes.
  5. next go I will double check, but it was off and all connected. I have the newest firmware also.
  6. Would the signal strength self determine the distance?around there it gets a little shaky at times for the video.
  7. I guess but if it's exactly .33 every time i'd be questioning a setting more than anything else. What phone/tablet are you using and what version of android or IOS are you using?
  8. its not exactly its .33 one flight .31 one and .28-.33 looking back right around there. I am using iphone 7plus with latest os and updated firmware on xsp and battery.
  9. What exact version of the IOS is your iphone using? Probably not the matter but just to be more informed on what you have might help. I've seen people who don't get much distance and others way more and it just being location. So many reasons why video may go out, cables, dirty connections on the gimbal etc... Antenna placement (which is usually the biggest problem for distance and possibly video). How are your antennas extended? In this video it shows exactly how the antennas should be extended.
  10. Ios 11.2.6
    Ill check all this stuff tomorrow when I fly, thanks for the info. Ill update when I figure it out.
  11. Your IOS version should be fine. A previous version or two had issues with starlink.
    Let us know. ;)
  12. This is strange. When you say it "stops", do you mean it actually stops and hovers or goes into RTH? You should get some audible message telling you something like "maximum distance reached" or, "app disconnected"... something. In the case of app disconnect, the drone should return home. Your location can make a difference too. Tell us what's around you, and any messages you see or hear when you come back.
  13. It says maximum distance reached and hovers or looks like it almost bounces off an invisible wall , I try to go forward and it goes back . it does not do RTH or disconnect or anything like that. Its been in an urban area , clean line of sight to drone and in the 300's for altitude. no obstructions around/
  14. You're hearing a maximum distance reached message so that leads me to believe there is a distance limit setting turned on somewhere. In that case the drone would seem to hit a wall then wait for your input. I don't have my app in front of me right now so I can't look into my own settings to see where it might be. Perhaps Tufargon will find it before me but, I'll be sure to look ASAP. The urban setting you mention could also have something to do with it if there is lots of interference around although I'm leaning toward a setting in the app. We'll get this figured out!
  15. Change the Imperial/Metric in settings and see if the behavior persists.
    Set the distance limit to something relatively close and see what the behavior is. Does it stop at the closer setting or continue to the .3 limit?
    Replay the flight log and watch carefully for any message that may appear that you hadn't noticed during flight. Watch carefully for other elements changing as well as you approach the .3 mile distance. Does the number of GPS satellites change? Does the signal with the RC change significantly?
    If you go to CS, they are likely going to give you a list of settings to confirm and ask that you upload a flight log they can review. Create screen shots of the appropriate settings screens and be prepared to upload them to CS. I have had numerous CS tickets with AR and being prepared can shorten the process.

    None of the above will solve your problem simply help define it. What you know is as important as what you don't know - it's a process of elimination.

    Tip - if you change settings, change them one at a time and test flight after each change. If you change multiple settings at once, you won't be able to know the cause and effect of which setting made the difference.
  16. Could this be some sort of geofence?
  17. Could be. Would depend on exactly what's within that range at his location. He did mention it happened in two different places but that at least one was urban.
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    Something else that interests me is how his distance reads .33 miles and not something in feet (1742 in this case). StarLink reads out in feet until it hits 3200 then changes to decimal miles (0.6 at 3200 feet). The beginner mode only allows about 100 meters, 328-feet so that can't be it.

    Something from the manual, page 50:

    Distance Limit
    Slide this button to enable or disable the default distance limit (800m)
    when Beginner Mode is disabled.
    When the altitude and distance limits are determined, the
    aircraft cannot fly outside the preset boundaries under GPS
    mode. In non-GPS mode, the aircraft is only restricted to the
    preset altitude limit; the distance limit under non-GPS mode
    may vary depending on the regulations and laws in different
    areas and countries.

    This 800 meters is 2624-ft, still more than he is getting.
  19. AR claims to have removed geofencing a firmware or 2 version ago. However, there has been rumor of specific restricted airspace geofence restrictions still enabled.

    Where are you located?
  20. I wonder if he had Starlink set for metric measurement???
    Geofencing is long-gone, unless a person is still operating on an old (superseded) version of firmware.

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