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  1. Greetings All,
    I would like to know in approximation, distances to respect when all set to take off.

    - from a vehicle :
    - from a tin covered small building (20 ft shed) :
    - from a powerline (25kw) :
    Other :

    If someone has some experience in that regard, it would save us aggravation finding out especially for newbies like me.

    Many Thanks
  2. I take off from right outside my house all the time less than ten ft. I have seen it suggested to not take off directly from vehicles or "close by" to limit possible interference. I have taken off within ten ft of my vehicle as well with no issues. I know lots of metal in general can cause or effect the drones flight. I was around a lot of metal poles kinda like light posts before and started having issues, and landed right away, I was only at 15 ft or so though. I know others with more general or commercial experience than me will be sure to chime in, when the wake up. :)

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  3. The main issue in launching from a confined space is if RTH initiates and you can't regain control, the accuracy is off by 2 meters or more sometime. The pause button can be your friend.
  4. I agree with Fundy. Never launch under overhead obstacles, trees, powerlines, etc. I suggest having as much space as possible. I'm rural and never launch within 20ft or less of any obstacle. I made a launch pad about 24" square to use in dusty areas. It's easy to use the case for that also.
  5. I thank all for the responses, I have the latest firmware and I'll test some more as I get disconnects where I have to come back home and land. Today is very hot so I likely won't fly but I'll come back asap.

  6. I tried the x-star after supper and had many disconnect and video loss BUT! I completely forgot I had my IPhone in my cargo pants and if I read some posts right this is a no no .
    So what distance would you think I should put the cell phone away ? Again a rough estimate would do.
  7. I always have my cell phone in my pocket when I'm flying. I did not know that might be a problem.
  8. In my own very limited experience, so only time (so far) that I have had multiple app disconnect and video loss errors was when I was using a non-Apple lightening cable (RND) and a right angle USB connector - the exact one the Autel says not to use on their video, which I didn't see until later. I always have my cell phone in a case on my belt, so far as I know it hasn't caused any problems. I do remove it, along with all other extraeneous objects, when calibrating.
  9. Thank you and Richard for your answers, In my case I am using a Nexus 7 on Android and I used the Anker cable for RC and Nexus tablet, pondering my next move I will go back to the Autel cable supplied originally and try it again. Again thank you all will try this morning.
  10. Back from a flight almost 100 degrees today, and to answer Bigbit and any who wants to know on the Yaw adjustments I have set it at .2 (was .5 before) and it is a nice progressive action so I would recommend it. If I may ask when I activate the RC then the ship, it takes approx. 4 to 5 minutes to connect together and have a Safe to fly, is this what you guys consider normal ?
    With an open field the maximum distance I can achieve is 3400 feet which then have a disconnect and it initiates a RTB. On a sunny day like today, I have difficulty to see my tablet, it is almost tempting to get a FPV goggle but one thing at a time.

    Thanks All
  11. I commonly fly farther than 3400 ft. When you get out a bit farther it will quit measuring in feet and start measuring in percents. Such as .7 mile. Farthest I've been is 1.2 mile with clear Line Of Sight vision.

    Are you experiencing these limits in the same flight location? May be some interference there that isn't visible.
  12. Yes it is from the same flight location from the front of my home, the biggest question is where the interference comes from or what direction from enabling us to stay away from that area.
    The only one I can see is my powerline at the road side and it is a 25 kv line, add to that a water tower approx. 4000 ft away that has dishes to provide Internet service to houses in the area, a cell tower about 3 1/2 miles away, Our town 2 miles from me has approximately 10,000 pop.
    It would be nice to see somehow where the interferences comes and what frequency is needed to interfere. Or this could be a small add on fitted on the x-star with the Starlink showing it's live showing on our tablets, this alone would save countless guessing on our part and mayber Autel saving them possibly replacing units because of bad interference of no fault of their own. Silly thinking? Maybe.
    I would pay for something like that.
  13. I agree. When that happens it would be nice to have some idea what's causing it? Maybe that's not possible??

    I got my drone replaced because of this repeatedly. So bad that it would "claim" interference when 50ft from me. This was progressive and got worse as flight hours were added to the drone.

    The replacement is working great and I'm back to "believing" in the drone. I shot 40 minutes of video at distances up to .8 mile recently with no concerns of losing the Drone.

    I'd try flying in a totally different area and confirm that it's the location that's causing you the problem. If it's the drone then I'd start thinking of a replacement. In my case I worried about losing the drone so I'd experiment with vertical height to get distance rather than flying horizontally away from my location. My thoughts were that if it lost contact with me and landed, at least it would be close to me and easier to find.
  14. I'll try somewhere else but I really wanted to explore my area first, the big question and I hope Autel is reading or I might start a new thread just for this, is if the interferences are gradual until it is high enough that we get the message, if gradual then it would be just a matter of some rewriting code for the Starlink which we would see enabling us to back up and try to choose another route. I have the heart to investigate on the web this matter. Will report when I get some info.
  15. When my drone started doing this often I tried changing elevation, walking to a different location, yawing the drone, anything to change the situation. Nothing helped that I could confirm. It would finally say "controller lost contact" and come home. At it's worst, when it activated "go home" it would only fly 2-5 mph. That's when I quit going long horizontal distance. Battery would expire before it could get home.

    Hope your problem is simple as in location. :)
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    I read again what the tablet might involve being able to connect or disconnect which I have a nexus 7 2013 third gen and I took my small IPhone 5S and loaded the app and tried in my house, it connected right away then I retried my Nexus 7 and it could not connect. Tomorrow I will try to fly with my IPhone the same route I did with the Nexus and see if it goes beyond, I have a feeling it might go beyond,
    Will see.
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    Arrgh this morning the IPhone 5 S would not connect with drone, I spent almost an hour trying all kinds of ways, from removing gimbal, cleaning contacts all for naught.
    Would it help if I tried to download from drone to computer ? Am at wits end over this

    Edit: I connected the micro USB end to the micro USB connector opposite to the battery on the XSP
    and I power the XSP then I hear a woopido sound on the computer which suggests it is connected but nothing to be seen when checking the drives of the PC
    I though I would see a BIN file .
  18. I know I would seem like a lost cause with my setup but I feel redeemed, you see last night I had no problem to connect via my IPhone and this morning I could not so at one point 1 hr ago I decided to charge the IPhone as it was getting low and what the ! the cable is kaput, I had bought it as a genuine Apple cable a year ago and who knew it decided to be this morning when I was to test it with the XSP.
    There is hope after all as I bought another one and will try the test flying, wish me good luck as I need some :)
  19. This is almost turning into a blog and the cable I bought is kinda superfluous because after all it wasn't the cable but it's the cellphone input that requires to be changed, it's at the cell shop now and they did not have an input socket in stock so it will be ready tomorrow pm, now I have 2 cables, 1 6ft and 1 3ft which I will keep.
    Now I want to see if with a good IPhone I'll get more distance than my 3,400 ft I get so far.
    Even though I would still entertain getting an Android tablet.
    Stay tuned
  20. Following.

    Interested to see the end result!!! :)

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