DJI should be sweating NOW that Autel has come to play

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by Felipe Osorio, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. Here is a sample of what I did recently in LA. Not sure the Phantom 4 could have produced this footage while shooting 48 fps:

    VIDEO YouTube:

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  2. Nice indeed !!!
  3. Just visiting in LA and I went with default settings for camera. Sunny day and auto I believe used ISO 100. Clouds did not look as good as what's in your video. Any recommendations on settings? I'm a tad disappointed - novice photographer which makes grabbing good video tough when auto doesn't work. Compared my video to my friends Yuneec Typhoon H, which was much better (and he's a novice photographer as well).

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  4. My Gdaughter is a newbie to the x star and we also are interested in how to obtain vids as nice.....enquiry minds want to know. ;)
  5. Even when you use auto exposure it is very easy to make exposure adjustments by accidentally moving the wheel on the right side of the control.
  6. As for me, when there is sun, I always put -0.3 ev otherwise the white surfaces are systematically burned. Otherwise, the X-star no longer competes with the phantom 4 since after a short career of 11 months, Dji stops its manufacture. I would not have liked to have one at Christmas !

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