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  1. First off my apologies if this thread has all ready been created but I just wanted to mention that I just got done ordering the last of my accessories the following is my list and reasoning and am open for criticism "am I right or wrong" keep in mind I am new to the drone although I have played with the cheaper toys and I am also new to photography but have developed quite the interest.

    #1 and pretty self explanatory is the battery (Carolina Dronz) which is a total of only two for now just waiting for a sale.

    2 Gimbal lock- (Carolina Dronz) The original one that came with the drone sux's to get on and off but will have to be still used and installed when changing out filters. New gimbal lock covers lens which is a good thing.

    3 Landing leg extensions- (3d printed drone mods) a must, most of my take offs and landings will be in taller grass (or snow as in my current situation).

    4 Camera filters 4 pack (Tiffen)- Actually took the longest to decide I went back and forth between Tiffen and Freewell but went with Tiffen mainly because its recommended by Autel. $10.00 more but shipping was free. This is where my inexperience comes to play three of the 4 filters appear to be the same as Freewell its that forth I am not sure Tiffen calls it a Polarizer and Freewell calls it a uv filter. Hope I did right here.

    Note- I was thinking of the gimbal guard and still may purchase. I have watched the you tube videos and truly believe that the guard will affect the drone at lower altitudes but most if not all my photography will be in the higher altitudes and I always land manually so as far as the interference goes.....I really don't care.

    Soooo......Opinions? Did I do right or wrong?
  2. Let us know how the leg extensions and the Tiffen filters work. There on my list!
  3. The Tiffen filters came yesterday in the mail. They look good and are easy to install other than that I haven't had a chance to try them in flight yet. Now the clip on landing legs are another story. The set came just a couple of days after I ordered them which is great but one of the legs were wrong. and the one that was correct I tried to install and was sweating bullets the entire time I was trying to get it to clip in place, fear of either breaking the leg extension or land leg of XSP. I contacted 3d drone mods (vender) and he explained to me that he sent the wrong part. Yesterday I got the correct part in the mail but like the other side I was sweating bullets trying to install. Got them both on and they looked good but when trying to remove the replacement one broke, the clips that hold them on are way to tight. Contacted vender earlier today and he asked for and I sent him some pictures of the broken leg extension. That is where I am presently at. I really could use these and I am going to modify the clips on the other side to make them go on and off more easy I just need another replacement for the broken one. That 46s you tube video on how they go on is BS they don't go on that easy and in my case they break coming off. If I can get the other one I am confident I can modify to work correctly
  4. WHo is the vender so our members don"t get screwed like you did.
  5. The vender is "3d drone mods" put this in google and he will come up. I am not saying he screwed me I think he is still working with me although I haven't heard from him since this morning. I like the theory and style of his landing leg extensions but I do believe some tweeking is needed and I explained it to him via email. I will give it a day or two and follow up here.
  6. Don't jump to the conclusion that anyone got screwed. The guys at http://hypedphoto.com/dronemods/drone-accessories/ are legit guys, I had another part that cracked and they replaced and had the new part out the same day.

    These are 3D printed parts, they are more fragile than molded plastic.

    I can assure you that they will take care of you.
  7. I never said I got screwed I said I think I am still working with them. I also said that there product, specifically the landing leg extensions for the XSP needs to be tweeked.the clips are way to tight. If they won't send me another leg I still have the original one that isn't the correct one and tweek it my self with a simple Dremmel tool. Either way its all good.
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  8. Been a couple of days now and I am assuming these guys aren't getting back to me. The one leg I broke I tried to glue back together with no luck so I went back to using the one leg they originally sent that was wrong..I had to shave three clips off completely and and widen the others but I got it to work good now, snaps on and off with ease and stays in place so I am pleased however I don;t think I will do business with these guys again so I am now looking for another vender for the gimbal guard I thought maybe Carolina Dronz but can't find it there.
  9. I was going to post a couple of pics of my leg extension modification but out of all those little icons on the top of this screen not one that says "upload a pic"
  10. At the bottom of your post there is the option to UPLOAD A FILE icon. Click on that and you can upload your picture. Once uploaded you have the option to choose thumbnail or full size picture.
  11. Got the side up that I modified. This was the wrong one but worked after I removed the front clip. 20170213_160259.jpg
  12. Thanks Jager I did try the file up load but just got error messages while using my laptop. After your post I went to the tablet and it worked, not sure why it didn't on the laptop. Hope I got my point across here i may have confused due to tech errors on my part.
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  13. Glad it all worked out for you
  14. If they are too tight, you can heat them with a hair dryer and open the clips a little. Just don't melt it!
  15. I received my leg extensions last week and immediately installed. One fit perfectly ( the side with the hump). The other did not, the landing pads interfered with the extension clips. Within 2 hours of contacting Martin via email I had a replacement extension shipping notification. Arrived today and fit perfectly! To me that is excellent customer service!

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  16. Thought of the heat gun method but better for me to use the Dremmel I can fine tune better and I actually had to remove three clips from the one side.
  17. I had exactly the same issue but I had to send pictures of the wrong leg to Martin after viewing my pics he responded back saying that he made the mistake and that I wasn't the only one. Sent me another email with a picture of what the wrong one looks like and said he would send out a new one along with a gift (never got the gift) got the new one to go on but it broke coming off. And life continues (earlier posts). He never got back to me, now my leg extensions work great, easy on easy off, and I wont deal with 3d drone mods again.
  18. Did some flying these last few days so I thought I would update this post.

    Gimble lock from Carolina Dronz....works great only when used with the original lens cover. Will not fit over the Tiffen polarizer at all and very difficult to get over the ND filters so needless to say I will only install if I want to show off the XSP and not wanting to fly it or just not wanting to use the filters. Bottom line probably staying with the original gimble lock.

    Tiffen filters work great still learning though once I figure out how to post vids I think I got some great shots here.

    Landing leg extensions....after my modification to them they really do work great however they seem to show up a lot in my videos again still learning here on the picture taken but I have been rock solid with the drone while shooting stills and vids and seem to catch the one or the other leg, not sure why. With out the extensions on pictures clean so I think if just flying for fun and not taking any videos or still I will use the extensions otherwise no.

    Oh and my redneck antenna/sunshade, antenna no better but no worse distance increase maybe 100' but sunshade works great.

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