drone with camera or without?

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  1. Drones without cameras are cheaper. (As expected ofcourse) I can see why a camera would be cool, but has anyone enjoyed one without? I was thinking about buying one without a camera to save money. I'm wandering if I'm missing the whole experience by doing that?
  2. To be honest I thought they all had cameras, I'm not sure what you would do with one that didn't? I'd want a camera for sure.
  3. I think the ones without cameras are just for pleasure. I'm not sure though. It would be more similar to a remote controlled helicopter. I can definitely see the novelty of the camera, but I think we may try one without first. They make some nano drones without camera.
  4. I don't think it's as fun without a camera, because well, what's the point of drone surveillance without having a visual on the area you are cruising on? Maybe as a tracking beacon, or maybe as a modern day kite, but unless you can see what birds see when they are soaring high in the air, drones wouldn't be as fun, or as useful, without them. Maybe you can try and find one in your price range, because I really believe that a camera would make the whole experience a lot better.
  5. I have a Xiro Xplorer which has a removable camera. They advise that you take your first flights without it because if you crash the gimbal is the likeliest part to break. I have also flown it without the camera, Once I got to the flying site and I had forgotten to put back the micro SD card, so I flew without it. I have also flown without it while the gimbal was being replaced after a crash. . Xiro sells the camera separately, as does Autel, but it costs more to get "Standard" Xplorer and add a gimbal/camera later. I would not advise anyone to get one without a camera.

    PS - You can fly a lot longer with the camera off.
  6. Try a under $50 one and learn to fly and see what you think about getting a more expensive one that takes good video.
  7. If I'm going to get a drone, then it has to be one with a camera. I think the extra money that you will pay will be well worth it in the end. If you get one without the camera you will be missing out on half the fun.
  8. I agree that a drone without a camera wouldn't be as much fun. The whole point of having a drone for me would be to have a visual on the area that I'm cruising on. I think it will be worth it to save up for one with a camera. It will be more fun for you in the long run.
  9. Has anyone ever had an accident with their drone? Do you look for less populated areas to cruise in? When they get more popular than they are now, this might be more of an issue.

    On the one hand, you want people to notice and admire your own drone, but on the other hand, if there are several in the air in the same fly zone, and someone is not experienced, not only could they damage their machine, but yours as well.


    Be careful out there!
  10. Well I do not think that I have shopped around nearly enough to really get the whole picture on which types of drones are best, and things like exact specifications is still a little new to me. I would think that having a camera is a big plus for both personal use and for business use. I am glad that I found this forum so that I can learn about these things though, so for that, thank you for sharing.
  11. I definitely want one with a camera. That is one of the main appeals to me. Are nano ones capable of carrying one?
  12. Yes and no. There are alot of smaller quadcopters marketed with 2mp cameras. They are novelty at best, fun for putting up in the air and reviewing with the kids. But you are not going to see great pictures. You need more lift to get a decent camera in the air.

    I say this alot, but it also depends on your intent and what kind of camera. Are you looking for high quality stills? Videos? Are you looking to fly by the camera?

    There is indeed a camera that can be put on micros.
    at only 4.5 grams most micros would be able to lift it. It is a complete fpv transmitter with a standard definition camera and a 25mw transmitter. But we are not talking 4k video here.
  13. Probably a basic 2mp camera one would be okay for my first one since I do intend to use it with kids. It may not be super high quality, but it would still allow us to take it up over the trees and have a look around. But I was thinking of video rather than stills. Is that something I would probably need a larger/better camera for?
  14. It all depends on the application I guess. Nothing prevents a particular person from buying a cameraless drone and then adapt some sort of image capture device to it. In fact, perhaps by having this versatility, some people may be more inclined to buy the cheaper one without a camera merely because they'll be able to adapt better image capture devices in the future as technology invitably progresses and prices fall.
  15. Take a look at this one. Syma products have a good track record. This one comes with barometer to aid in altitude control. Should make it a bit easier.

    The quality of video you can expect. I took this one with my X5c messing with my cat. Air wolf tune playing in my head the whole time.
  16. The video is private.
  17. Sorry. Changed
  18. As a starter, I would purchase the cheapest drone available and use it as a training dummy to improve and test my skills as a remote pilot. Since is very likely that I will perform a clumsy landing or crash the device, any attached gizmo will get damaged because of it. I guess most drone models out in the market include a detachable camera.

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