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  1. I have only a Bugs3 toy that I crash more than I fly... but considering a serious drone and after resisting the big Chinese firm would like to go with Autel. The Evo is my first choice and I'm waiting patiently for the release. Planning on jumping on it day 1.

    Also thinking of getting a refurbished X Star Premium for the $549 refurbished deal but have many questions about that. Such as will batteries still be made and props available ect.ect...

    Anyway I am in central Florida and looking forward to getting into the hobby.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    C ya!
  2. ChickenThief... Welcome to the forum! You really can't go wrong with an X-Star Premium (XSP). It is a "serious" drone for sure. I just purchased my second refurbished one a couple days ago. Yes, batteries are short right now although I have plenty for my needs. My understanding is that Autel will have more coming to stock soon. If you want to hold on for the EVO then by all means do so, and if you haven't alredy done so, read the EVO threads in the forum. It's the latest and greatest from Autel but, if you don't want to invest that much $$$ then the XSP is a good way to start and gain experience. There is nothing definite as yet as to when the EVO will officially be released. XSP's are there now. The only thing with them is the battery shortage at the present time even though you may still find some at some Best Buy stores. I posted the following message from the Autel VP in another thread. Based on this, I would say the XSP's should have support, including batteries for quite a while:

    "At Autel Robotics, we make taking care of our customers first priority.

    With the much-anticipated launch of EVO, we want our customers to know that Autel Robotics will continue to provide support for our current products, X-Star and X-Star Premium. Our goals of providing quality products and services have not changed; and we intend to uphold our promise of providing support to our customers, for all products. As with all technology products, there will come a time that we are unable to supply parts for repair, but that is far in the future.

    Our Part-107 certified customer service agents are available 7 days a week via phone, email, and chat.

    Please continue to stay up to date on products and availability by visiting our website and social media channels.

    — Jeff Powell, Vice President, Autel Robotics"
  3. Labrat1957 thanks for the info. Hey, my phone is android but will the XSP work with an Apple IPad Air? I heard somewhere the Autel app didn't work with . I find that hard to imagine?
  4. Chicken,
    I purchased XSP used (although it was/is good as new!) and as LabRat said, it is a very serious drone. I would also highly recommend the purchase of one!

    As far as whether Apple or Android works best, they both operate Starlink the same way. The only thing to be watchful for is if you have iOS 11.2 or 11.3 on your phone. If you do, then get a separate tablet for your drone. It isn't because anything is wrong with Starlink or the drone, but rather that there were/are a number of flaws in iOS 11.2/3 that not only goofed up Starlink, but goofed up many other apps as well. Also, using a tablet will also give you a larger picture, which can be handy. There are a number of excellent android tablets available for around $200 or so.
    Welcome to the forum.
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    Here's a link to the Autel list of compatible devices. The iPad Air is listed but I am not familiar with it or it's use with the StarLink app. I'm sure there are others here that have better info on that, and you can always call or e-mail the Autel customer service, Autel does have excellent customer service.

  6. Thanks, Cori. I would like to use my Ipad Air and it seems to be on the list LabRat1957 listed.

    I was chatting with Autel or texting rather today. Response was instantaneous and "Jack" answered all my questions. X Star Premium no longer produced but they still fully support it with parts and service. Batteries will be in stock shortly I think. $549 seems like quite a deal. Full "new" warranty. If I wait on the Evo... might not be here for months. I will still get one even if I get the Star in the mean time. Seriously thinking of pulling the trigger on this deal. The idea of not having all of the communications problems with the other company is so appealing.

    One more question to the forum... do you guys get these weekly and sometimes more than weekly firmware updates that the other company does?
  7. ChickenThief
    Are you sure about the 'full new warranty'? Where did you see this?
    This is what I see on Autel's website:
    Autel Robotics (the Company) warrants to the original retail purchaser of this product, that should this product or any part thereof during normal consumer usage and conditions, be proven defective in material or workmanship that results in product failure within one year of purchase of new product, or 180 days on refurbished product,
  8. Well, as I remember asking about the refurbished warranty Jack replied it had full new warranty...maybe he mispoke..

  9. The refurbs are covered with the warranty as new. This statement is from the X-Star Refurbished details page:

    Refurbished units are covered under warranty (see warranty page for details).

    The warranty page does say "to the original retail purchaser" however, YOU are that purchaser when purchasing a refurbished unit. They have been returned to Autel for whatever reason with no intent of getting it back. These units are as good as new or maybe even better since they've been tested and certified by an Autel engineer. I have checked on this myself before I purchased my first one, and Autel told me this themselves. They are a heck of a deal at the price being asked from Autel. Everything you get is new with the exception of the drone which, has been thoroughly refurbished, repaired, inspected, tested, and certified.
  10. Cool...makes sense and seems like what he conveyed to me.
  11. No. There are no annoying update messages. The current firmware is 2.0.12. This version will probably be the last since there aren't going to be any new X-Stars and all the refurbished units should come loaded with this version. Any new batteries will also be using the current version (6.07 I believe for the batteries). My XSP refurb has all the latest versions listed in the release notes that you can see here:


    If you get one of the refurbs, you can see everything that's loaded via your StarLink app. I would go ahead and download the firmware and file it in your computer just in case you ever need to reload it but I seriously doubt you will.
  12. I have had a few problems with mine but CS is still good about working with you! Also have got a backup online because I believe in the bird!!
  13. I contacted Autel CS directly on the 1 year warranty for refurbished XSPs:
    On Apr 6, 2018, at 8:12 AM, Sydney M <support@autelrobotics.com> wrote:

    Hello Barry
    Thanks for contacting Autel Robotics Support.

    Yes, we do offer one year of warranty for our new and refurbished X-Star models! There are a few exceptions(sold by sellers on eBay or Craigslist) or pilot error, but we will always do what we can to make things right and give you the best customer experience.

    Best Regards,

    Sydney M
    Customer Support
    Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube
    On Thu, 5 Apr at 6:53 PM , Barry wrote:
    According to a purchaser of a refurbished XSP, Autel is offering a full one year warranty.
    Is that true?
  14. As an update to my original post, I finally decided to go all in on the EVO. I have one on order. Tick Tock....
  15. Congrats on your purchase. Hopefully you won't have wait too much longer to get it it in your hands. The outlook for imminent release is good.
  16. I agree and thanks. Not in a great hurry, just glad I finally pulled the trigger. It will happen.

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