Drones Disrupt Air Traffic in England !

Discussion in 'General' started by LabRat1957, Dec 20, 2018.

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    Have you seen the reports? What do you think about it? They (British officials) are saying these were large, commercial-size drones, many of them. They aren't calling the incidents terror related so far. I wonder. Seems to be some sort of coordinated effort since the drones are seen each time the runways are reopened. Someone knows what the airport is up to and is having a grand ol' time screwing with them. I'm very concerned about something like this happening here and thus killing the hobby for good. Why... why is the world filled with so many a-holes?
  2. Yes, no, maybe. They can't even say for sure if it was a drone.
  3. Exactly! Sure were quick though to pass judgement on those two unfortunate folks. Detained for two days because the man is a "drone enthusiast" who just happens to live near the airport.

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